Summary: This sermon shares common mistakes that cause us to miss God’s best.

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Achan was in the promised land but missed the blessings of the land because of the mistakes he made. He missed God’s best. What would cause us to miss God’s best?

I. We miss God’s best when we are Disobedient.

A. Achan was told to stay away from the banned substance. He disobeyed and paid the price.

B. Our disobedience can cause us to miss the fullness of God’s blessings.

II. We miss God’s best when we are Distracted by the things of this world.

A. Achan was distracted by his own sinful desires. (notice verses 20-21)

B. Achan was distracted by the wealth of the banned substances (notice verse 21-22). We are often distracted by the wealth of this world: houses, land, jobs, sports, and other things in this world.

III. We miss God’s best when we Deny Sin’s Power.

A. Achan thought he could sin in secret. As you study verses 1-3 you notice the entire nation suffered because of Achan’s sin. Sin affects us, our families, our churches and our communities.

B. Sin carries stiff consequences. Achan lost his life.

IV. We miss God’s best when we Disregard God’s plans.

A. God has wonderful plans for us.

-Eternal life




B. Achan showed his unbelief by stealing the banned substances. The irony of his actions is that God had already given him the promised land. He owned the whole land but stole to get a part of it.

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Dorian Rogers

commented on Jun 12, 2007

Congratulations! I believe you all are on the right track to soul winning. Continue to inspire, encourage, and help those who are seeking answers to this Christian walk; this disipline; this faith. God is awesome, so coninue to be like your Father in Heaven. Dorian

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