Summary: A sermon that show the requirements to do the Great Commission.

When we think of the Great Commission, we think of the last thing that Jesus said to the multitude before He left. In doing this he shows the importance of doing the Great Commission. There are 5 things we should BE

in order to do the Great Calling:

1. Be Alert. "And when they saw Him" the disciples had their physical and spiritual eyes open to see Jesus. When we are trying to do the Great Commission, we should be looking to see where God wants us to work. God has an appointed place for us carry out the great commission. Where? At work, home, church, where ever we go.

2. Be Appreciative. "they worshipped Him" don’t think of the Great Commisiion as a burden but an opportunity to serve God. Many people complain or fuse when asked to do sometning for the Lord, but we ought to worship God for including us in His plan.

3. Be Abased. "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth" The Great Commission is not about bigger churches, self promotion, or fame but is about bring people to Jesus. We need to understand that God should get the glory and not us. We have to understand our role in this great opportunity.

4. Be Apostle. "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations" We must be hears of the word and workers of Jesus just as the original disciples were. We must go and sow and grow, God has called us to a great work, and we must be as radical about doing it as the first group He sent out.

5. Be Assured. "I am with you always" God has not only called you to do a work but will help you to do it. God promises to be with us, if we will be for Him.

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