Summary: To be mission minded means I understand who has given me the permission and the authority to go share the Good News to those around me. It also realizes that once a person accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior then I should be willing to disciple them as well.

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Sermon 7: Mission minded

Video Illustration: Life in Sudan by Blue fish tv.

Question: What does it mean to be mission minded?

I asked this question to our missionaries this week seeking their wisdom an insight from the field where they are ministering.

Tom Kennington (south side of Chicago) – His response was and he will come share for 7 minutes!

1) Luke 4:18: Jesus so clearly tells us what His mission was and is. Our mission needs to be consistent with His. What are we here for? Many need to re-think -what are we doing? - Priorities need to be examined.

2) 2Cor 5:18-21: We have been called to share in the ministry of reconciliation. The Gospel "Christ death + Resurrection" needs to be preached constantly. We are called to be His ambassadors conveying this great Truth. Sin is no longer charged to them that believe.

Here is the response from our missionaries in other countries:

Jeany Schmidt (West Africa)

I see a Mission's Minded Church as one that invests in bring those lost and dying spiritually to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Mission's Minded people in the church have a deep desire for their friends, family and acquaintances to all know Jesus as well as those who live in far away countries-people they do not even know. It is the fulfilling of the Great Commission to see those close and far coming to know Jesus and become his disciples.

A Mission's Minded church cares about the missionary and those being ministered to enough that when they receive a prayer letter asking for prayer they get on their knees and bring the request to the Father and pray with ferverency. They care very much about the people and country being ministered to.

Christa McCartney (Burkin Faso, South Sudan)

Mission's minded means that you are focused on finishing the great commission of reaching the lost around the world and at your doorstep. You understand that it is the responsibility of every member of the church to reach those around them and to pray and support those who are reaching the unreached (Those without any access to the Gospel) around the world... Mission's minded means that you are not leaving the job for just those called to "missions" but that everyone is involved in some form with missions.

Jon Erickson

What can I do to make sure those outside my culture have an opportunity to hear about Jesus of Nazareth?

Glenda Skip Vogel (just back from Mexico)

Mission minded means:

1. Flex your "can do" muscles.

2. Don't wait to get started.

3. Fire up your engines.

My personal scripture is 2 Cor. 5:7 - "I live by faith, not by sight."

Tony Simon (Mexico)

To me "Missions Minded" means fulfilling the Great Commission with a "Global Mindset", meaning, not just thinking of our own lives, in the area that we live, and what effects just us as individuals. It’s like watching the news but we only care about the local news and we immediately change the channel when they begin to talk about something going on in Egypt or Africa or another part of the world. And of course to me the great commission is done thru the local church so "church planting" is a big part. So "missions minded" to me in a nut shell would mean "Let’s work together giving, going and praying from where we are at to get as many churches around the world as we possibly can!"

Barb Sobol (Mexico)

1. Make missions a priority, not a secondary goal for the church

2. Get the next generation out.

3. Help provide a setting for those who "feel" called to nail down the call of God in their lives, like short term mission trips

4. Don't forget the old guys who have been at it for years, keep them in the loop of support, prayer and encouragement

Anna Bastounas (Ywam)

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord." Luke 4:18-19 (NKJV)

To be a mission-minded church is to have our minds focused on a mission. Jesus focused on the mission outlined in Luke 4. If we have “the mind of Christ,” then His mission is now ours.

Together, in the power of the Holy Spirit, we focus our living, our giving, and our praying on this mission…

To preach the gospel

Through our words, through THE Word, through our service, and through our lives, we commit to show and to tell the lost—in Tanzania and in Tinley—that Jesus came to seek them and to save them.

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