Summary: What is the most difficult task you have ever faced? To me, it was leaving my young wife in 1969 to go into the armed forces.


1st Timothy 1:1-2

What is the most difficult task you have ever faced? To me, it was leaving my young wife in 1969 to go into the armed forces. Of course there have been a few others, but that was the most difficult.

Other people have climbed great mountains, explored jungles where few people live at all. There are people who have fought off wild animal attacks. Still others have been lost at sea for days.

When Paul wrote to young Timothy, he knew he was writing to a man who thought he was facing an impossible task. Timothy was serving as superintendent of churches in Asia Minor and as pastor of the church of Ephesus. Also he believed this was the most difficult congregation in the world.

Paul and Timothy met on Paul’s first missionary journey. Then timothy went with Paul on his second journey when Paul preached at Listra. Timothy must have seen Paul stoned at Listra, dragged outside the city and left for dead. Paul raised to preach again through the prayers of the saints at Listra. Seeing what the Gospel meant to Paul’s life and seeing his stand had a profound effect on Timothy. Paul became Timothy’s mentor. Paul took him along on missionary journeys and gave him leadership.

These are the last of Paul’s writings. The book of first and second Timothy and the book of Titus are handbooks for today’s church. They give us insight into administration, instruction and guidance concerning the care and protection of the church.

The key verse of 1 Timothy is 3:15. He wrote that Timothy would know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household. The first verse of the letter focus on Paul and Timothy.

First of all we see AN OLD MAN WITH A MESSAGE (1). When Paul wrote to Timothy, it was as though Timothy was receiving instructions from the mouth of God. Timothy looked up to Paul. What had Paul learned that he could impart to Timothy?

1. That God can change a person. By identifying himself in this letter, he was reminding Timothy that God could change people. Paul’s background from the religious sect taught that Jesus was a good teacher and maybe a prophet. Paul was a skeptic in his earlier years before his conversion. But Paul was intelligent. The only way to identify what is false is to know the truth. Now Paul had the truth that Jesus was Savior.

Today there are many skeptics. Many believe Jesus was a good teacher and went about doing good. You ask most if they believe in Jesus, sure doesn’t every body. If in fact Jesus was not the Son of God when He walked the earth then He was a lunatic. No one could have made the statements He made just being a teacher. The time He told the religious people of that day, even before Abraham was I am. Listen friends, if you reject Jesus as Savior then you ought to do it intelligently and that is not before studying the New Testament.

A. The Gospel changed his conduct. Paul once worked for the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Supreme Court. He went from city to city arresting the saints because they were a threat to Judaism.

B. The Gospel changed his name. His name was originally was Saul. Saul was a name that was to be proud of. It reminded the people of the great king that once ruled. But when Paul met Jesus, he didn’t see any need to have that high and mighty name. I must decrease and You increase. Why did he do these things?

C. The Gospel had changed his heart. Now on that road to Damascus instead of huffing and puffing mad slurs toward the saints, he said what will you have me do Lord.

Not only do we see that God can change a person but that; 2. God’s love is demonstrated in His Son Jesus Christ. Throughout this letter, Paul reminded Timothy of God’s great gift of salvation through His Son Jesus. Paul is the reminder of that love. What God did for Paul, He has continued doing for millions of others down through the centuries.

Also; 3. our only hope is Jesus Christ. There are times when people talk about the hope of America. With election season we will hear many who will say our only hope for betterment is to vote for them. But I tell you the only hope that America and the world has is Jesus The Savior.

What message did Paul have for the church and Timothy? That God can change a person, God’s love is demonstrated through His Son Jesus, and in fact our only hope is Jesus; but also that 4. the Gospel message must be shared. The purpose of the writing was to tell Timothy how to administer the work of the church. What is the church suppose to be about? To evangelize the sinner, equip the saints and exalt the Savior. We are to go into all the world and make disciples for Jesus. (Finally, in verse 2)

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