Summary: The Church grows as each of us does their part. The Church can team up with Bible Colleges to help the ministry of the Word spread.

Mission Possible

Eph 4/Acts 6:1ff

The Church grows when each of us does their part.

What is the purpose of the Church? Survey says: To win souls. But if that is all we are to do then we are selling the Church short.

1. The Church is to Build (Eph 4)

a. In order to build they need to be prepared

i. Discipleship

ii. Bible Study

iii. Personal Devo

b. They need to be trained

c. They need to use their gifts properly

i. Right person in the right job.

On a football team everyone has a job. Coaches teach, train, and encourage the players to use their talents to reach the goal. Even Cheerleaders have a job, they get the crowd into the game and they help encourage the team. The Backers or better known as the booster club, raise funds to get the right equipment and training. Therefore everyone has a job, a function on this team. So it is with the Church.

In the Church there are people with natural leadership skills. They are:

1. Looked up to

2. They have character

3. They have Knowledge

4. They know how to talk to and motivate people

5. They become people of influence/trustworthy.

Titus Chapter 2 tells us to have the older Saints teach and train the younger Saints. There is a job for everyone in the Church. This is not necessarily an age thing, but a maturity item.

By supporting Bible Colleges we are not taking the responsibility away from the Church, but enhancing what the Church should be doing. The training, encouraging and education must first start in the Church and enhanced in Bible Colleges, but not everyone goes to Bible College. Therefore the foundation for the furthering of the gospel must take place in the Church.

Acts 6:1ff

In this section the Church was faced with a problem. The Grecian widows and orphans were overlooked when it came to the benevolent offerings. Could have been a prejudice situation. Many times problems are left at the desk of the staff. Many times we expect the paid staff to do it all. Remember the slide about the players on the sideline and the coaches doing the plays, which just does not fit.

When the paid staff is expected to do it all, the study and handling of the word suffers. Those who preach and teach the word, whether paid or unpaid, if they are stretched to where they cannot give the proper study time and prayer time to handling the Word of God correctly that is how false doctrines can creep in. Paul tells Timothy and us (2 Tim 2:15)

15 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

The Apostles answer the situation. Is it fair to take time from prayer, teaching, and preaching to handle this situation? Many preachers face burn out because they are expected, either by themselves, the congregation, or both, to do it all. The situation could take from the mission, or the situation could help the mission.

With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles come up with a solution. They told the congregation to pick several men, full the Holy Spirit, to take care of the situation. They chose 7 men, the names lend credibility to the idea they were all Greek. But more importantly, the Apostles go back to do what they were trained to do, the situation is handled, and God gets the Glory. So what are you doing to help build the Kingdom?

What should we do if we see something that needs to be done?

1. If you see it, maybe God wants you to do something about it, prayerfully ask God what to do.

2. If it is to be it is up to me. Again refer to #1.

The Mission of the Church is simple:

1. Educate

2. Edify

3. Multiply

Team up with others, Bible Colleges, and missions to Spread the WORD.

Promote teamwork, many hands make light work.

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