Summary: A call to rethink and personalize the Great Commission

Matthew 28:18-20

Baptist Distinctives: Mission Work


A. We are continuing series on BD. So far we have considered…

B. It is our firm belief and conviction that God has commissioned us to reach our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

1. Mk. 16:15

2. Lk. 24:46-48

3. Mt. 28:18-20

C. For the last 300 years the GC is something that has been carried out primarily by missionaries, who, in the spirit of men like Adonirom Judson or Hudson Taylor, gave up their homes and jobs to travel to foreign lands, supported by local churches to get that message out.

D. While that method is still the predominant method, let me be clear in stating it is not the best way, it is not the most economical way, and it is not the normal way God intends His commission to be carried out.

E. Today as I talk about our belief in mission work, I want to issue a call for our church, not to pick up some new method of doing mission work or to ride the latest wave of church methodology, but to return to the old ways, the much older way of doing the Lord’s work.

F. In order to make this return, you and I must make three decisions:

Re-Analyze Our Commission – Ask our selves the basic questions

A. To whom was the commission given? The Lord’s churches, you / me

B. What is the commission? To make disciples, Christ followers

C. When? As we go about daily life

D. Where? Everywhere we go

E. Why? For the glory of God, the joy of the saved and the hope of lost

F. How? Let me tell you!

Personalize Our Commission – Really a simple formula for doing so

A. Follow Jesus yourself in a close walk with Him. The result of following Christ will be…

1. Seeing what He sees

2. Feeling what He feels

3. Loving like He loves

4. Doing what He does

B. Make a conscious decision to be a disciple-maker. If we don’t make this a huge priority in our lives it will consistently fall to the wayside.

C. Plant good seed in good soil – Matthew 13

D. Pray for laborers for the harvest

E. Be careful not to get caught up doing the wrong job – we plant, we harvest, but the Lord does the growing.

Realize Our Commission

A. I am convinced that for too long we have robbed ourselves and our churches of great blessings by allowing and even expecting the professionals to do what God has called each of us to be doing.

B. We somehow think that one must be “God-called” to preach or do mission work, and certainly God calls some men for special works, but the commission belongs to each of you.

C. What happens when we personalize the commission? What happens when we pray for more laborers?

1. God will begin to move in your own heart so that the commission doesn’t belong to a man you don’t know going to a place you’ve never been to reach a people you’ll never meet.

2. You won’t rest until you’ve done what only God has equipped you to do.

D. Let me share with you what it might look like:

1. Eyes on Christ Ministry

2. One on one Bible study with a friend

3. Getting involved in an ongoing ministry

4. Ministering To Your Neighbors Video

E. Today you may know God is stirring your heart to get personally involved in mission work: in ministry, but you’re not sure where or how. Keep it simple:

1. Follow Jesus

2. Make a decision to be a disciple-maker

3. Start with good seed and pray for good soil

4. Pray for laborers

5. And when God reveals to you where and how he wants you to work the harvest, do it.

F. The problem is not that there’s no harvest to reap, and it’s not that there’s a shortage of preachers and missionaries per say, but that we’ve built big barns and are waiting for the crops to come in on their own.

G. Let’s not be guilty of that here. You answer God’s invitation to mission work.

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