Summary: Jacob has a unique calling from God upon His life. Despite his combative nature, God will still use him as an instrument of His grace.

Introduction: Ill: Have you ever known someone when you heard they were dating (so&so); or even going to marry (so&so), you thought “How could they fall in love with________?”


• In Romans 9:10-13 we read the following verse, “Esau have I hated, and Jacob have I loved.” We will read of two boys, twins at

birth, and yet God Himself will chose to love one and reject the other. (Difficult passage). Throughout the Bible 21 times, we will

read the phrase, “God of Jacob”; his name eternally linked with the name of God.

• I consider Jacob the forgotten Patriarch; or maybe the Patriarch that many consider the “black sheep of the family.” Everyone

wants to be like Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph, but with a name like Jacob (deceiver, manipulator, one who supplants), who wants

to be his friend. Yet, we will see God’s grace poured out onto the life of Jacob, a man who in many ways is more like us than not.

He is your everyday man who struggles with life, with his flesh, family, relationships, and yes, struggles with God. Jacob will have

times when he has glimpses of great faith and then moments of worldliness. He is one that every time you look up, something

negative is happening (whether is fault or not); and God must come in and take the negative and turn it into something positive.

(i.e. battery)

• When we first read of Jacob in is in Genesis 25. We read that Isaac (40 yrs old) and Rebecca married and it is not until 20 yrs

(25:26) later that they are able to have children.

• Read Genesis 25:21-34

I. Notice the Unexpected Complication In Pregnancy (25:21-23)

a. Absence of children: barrenness

• 20 yrs pass, and no children. Will God’s promise die? Isaac, in faith and even desperation calls upon God for help.

• God answers and provides Isaac & Rebekah with a pregnancy. We are reminded yet again, that the nation of Israel is a

nation built on miracles.

b. Absence of peace: struggle

• The word “struggle” means violent moment crushing or breaking. Rebekah literally was in great distress (not normal) for

there to be fighting in the womb.

• It is Rebekah’s time to call upon God, and He reveals the sonogram; two nations are in battle before they are born; the

younger will rule the older.

c. Application: Ill: children fighting…in the womb?

• #1 - This struggle is a picture of the struggle between the flesh and the spirit. Now, we are not saying Jacob was God’s

perfect servant…in no way! Yet the battle in inside us cannot be dismissed as insignificant.

• #2 – God is sovereign and personally knows everything, even our future and our children’s future.

• #3 – In times of crisis we must always learn to seek God for help and understanding. He is the provider of our needs

and our peace

II. Notice the Unexpected Co-rivalry During Delivery. (25:24-26)

a. All are born to live to be #1: Esau = hairy; Jacob means deceiver or supplanter. Jacob’s attitude is the aggressor, self-

seeking, not satisfied with his position.

• Esau, born first, represents all of humanity

• Even though Jacob represents God’s people, God’s people still have a sinful nature that longs to put self in front of

others. (Disciples, who will be #1)

b. Few are born again to be #2: Matt. 7:13 speaks of a narrow gate that few walk; John 3:3, Jesus speaks of a second birth.

Later Jesus teaches, that those who have Christ’s attitude are to be servants. Put others before self!

c. Application: Only the Holy Spirit’s work in one’s life gives us the desire to serve over being served. Before Jacob’s encounter

with God, even as a baby he was wanting to be #1.

III. Notice the Unexpected Circumstances In Life. (25:27-34)

a. Opposite careers: vs 27 They were never alike in any way (other than males)

• Esau – is the outdoors man; the explorer. He was a master hunter

• Jacob – he is a home body; work and stay at home (my Gideon). He is never shown in Scripture as weak, nerdy,

unsociable, and ugly. He was good looking (Rachel’s & Leah’s reaction); strong (wrestled with angel), he slept

outdoors…..He was more obedient and helpful around home (26:34)

b. Parental favoritism: vs. 28

• Isaac preferred Esau only for his hunting skills. Isaac loved fresh meat….It seems the other aspects of Esau’s life were

not pleasing to his parents 26:34

• Rebekah preferred Jacob, probably because she knew he would be the one blessed by God. Plus, he was real handy

around the house.

• Favoritism will always create great friction in the home. God is the only father who cannot show complete favoritism.

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