Summary: Prayer is so powerful and can do great things for the Lord. Nothing is impossible for the Man who believes in Prayer.



First, we see that prayer is the only powerful weapon on the earth. Jesus believed in it and also many men of God had great faith in it.

• Abraham pleaded for salvation of the Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 18:17-33)

• Jacob wrestled for his personal blessings so that the generations will be safeguarded (Gen.32:22-32).

• Moses cried out to YHWH to blot out his name from the book of the life if God can't forgive the Israelite (Ex.32:09-13).

• Elijah earnestly prayed to bind the heaven and to open the heaven (Jas. 5:17-18).

• Jesus strongly believed in prayer and he prayed everyday with loud voice (Heb.5:7-10).

• Paul urged his followers to pray without ceasing (I Thes. 5:18).


Peter was promised with the Key (Mt.16:19)

• God said that whatever you bind that will be bound, whatever you lose that will be loosed on earth and Heavens (Mt.18:18).

• Bind the strong man, then you can take anything from him. (Mt.12:29, Mk.3:27)

• Ezekiel. 7:23 calls us to make a chain.

• Ps. 149:6-9. Urges us to use our tongues and words by prayer and Bible to bind the kings and the rulers with your chains of praise and praise.

• Our prayers are making big chains to bind the satanic forces (2 Pet.2:4, Jud.1:6, Rev.20:1-2)


The kingdoms of the Israel and the Judah were fallen because of their unfaithfulness and lack of prayers (Eze.19:1-9).

• Israel was chained by Assyria and Judah by Babylonians. 2 Ki.33:11 Manasseh bounded with two fetters of brass chains.

• All noble were chained (Nah.3:10).

• Peter was chained for preaching the Gospel and he was sleeping. Whereas the church was praying for him to be released and used for God (Ac. 12:1-7) he was loosed and used for God.

• The great judge Samson had slept in the lap of a prostitute and lost his God given Glory (Jud. 16:19-21).


God said that whatever you bind that will be bound, whatever you lose that will be loosened on earth and Heavens (Mt.18:18). Jesus came to save his people (Mt.1:24) and he came to seek and save the lost (Lk.18:10).

Jesus was able because of his fasting and prayers.

• Jesus released people (Mt.4:23-24)

• Jesus said I give you the power to release and tread upon and to release (Mk.11:4). (Lk.10:19).

• Satan bounded her for 18 years (Lk.13:16).

• Paul was bounded by chains for the purpose of the Gospel (Ac.21:33, 28:20, Eph.6:19).

• No one was able to bind the man who was possessed by Satan (Mk.5:3-4). But Jesus commanded the evil spirit to go out of that man (Lk.8:26-35).

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