Summary: Wouldn’t you agree with me that we really do need to be a better testimony for Christ, and to be better prepared to speak boldly for our Savior and Lord?


- Part Two -

Last week we began looking at the powerful testimony of the Apostle Paul. In the book of Acts, we saw the strength and courage of Paul as he testified to the Roman Governor, Felix. No doubt, Paul was faced with imprisonment and perhaps being executed for his stand for Jesus Christ.

Paul had been beaten, put in chains, and had his life threatened simply because he loved the Lord Jesus.

This story is very lengthy and I don’t have the time to review all of it today.

Church - Many Christians have faced difficult times in their lives simply because they sincerely love God.

Do you realize how often you are put in a difficult situation because you love Christ? For many people, their lives would sometimes be easier if they weren’t so committed to Christ.

I am so glad that Christ makes our lives worth living. There is nothing more important than your having a commitment to Christ. He must be first & foremost in everything we do.

As we found last week, we all have to face certain MOMENTS OF DECISION. We may never experience the kind of persecution that Paul did. Fortunately we live in a nation that still protects the right and freedom of worship.

But that won’t always keep us from facing some kind of opposition from time to time. Wouldn’t you agree with me that we really do need to be a better testimony for Christ, and to be better prepared to speak boldly for our Savior and Lord?

We can find just how to do this in God’s Word. Paul gives us instruction for our testimonies.

Text: I Corinthians 9:18 thru 22

As a result of Paul’s wisdom and commitment, he was able to stir the hearts of men and women of every background. Whether you were Jew or Gentile, religious or rebellious.

As we review our story in the book of Acts, I believe that God wants our own statement of faith to be as powerful as that of the Apostle Paul’s.

Let’s go back to Paul’s story in Acts.

Paul is again testifying, but this time Paul is brought to King Agrippa.

Here is how King Agrippa responded to Paul’s testimony of Christ:

Text: Acts 26:28

To help us understand this particular MOMENT OF DECISION, you should know who King Agrippa is.

1.Grandson of Herod the Great –

Herod’s glut for power caused him to murder his wife. He then murdered their two sons when they realized what had happened.

All male infants who were considered heirs to Herod’s throne were slaughtered. Herod was the King of Judea during the time of the birth of Christ. According to Matthew 2, Herod (again) had all infants in the region of Bethlehem murdered who were under the age of two.

2. Son of King Herod II – He was married, but eloped with another woman. John the Baptist confronted this king with his adulterous affair. King Herod II later imprisoned and beheaded John the Baptist for this. This Herod was once haunted by the teachings of Jesus and wanted Jesus killed.

So you see the ancestry of King Agrippa were dangerous & ruthless.

And now, Paul’s confrontation with King Agrippa in Acts 26 is very risky.

King Agrippa was no different than his father or his grandfather. Agrippa was also ruthless and power hungry.

Anything that Paul could say could send King Agrippa off in a fit of rage.

Nevertheless, King Agrippa knows that what Paul is saying about the resurrection of Christ was true.

There could be no denying the gospel any longer. Agrippa is faced with the reality of the Gospel of Christ.

In verse 27, Paul tells Agrippa that he knows that Agrippa believes in the prophets. You see Agrippa has been well educated about the prophets of the Old Testament. And everything that has been prophesied about the resurrection of Christ has taken place.

Why is this story so important?

Agrippa’s response is like so many:

"You almost persuade me to become a Christian."

This is a troubling statement for anyone to say about the Gospel.

What Paul has said (to King Agrippa) is courteous, but requires Agrippa to give serious consideration.

Paul has not condemned Agrippa with harsh words. But Paul knows that this is the most important moment in King Agrippa’s life.

You see it is not Paul’s life that is hanging in the balance, here.

But rather it is Agrippa’s soul that is at stake. Eternal life (for Agrippa) or eternal judgment.

(When we give our testimony to someone, it is not what they think about us that is important. Rather all that matters is whether or not they will live eternally in heaven or hell.)

This was the MOMENT OF DECISION for King Agrippa.

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