Summary: As a child of God we get to experience some moments with the Master. This message examines how we can experience thse special times with our Lord.

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Moments With The Master

Mark 1:29-34

"Close to the Master, I’m trying to live"

"Close to the One, Who loves and forgives"

"Close to the one who answers my prayer"

"Close to the one who welcomes me there"

Are you saved? If so, then are you living a life that can be described as “Close to Jesus?”It should be our heart’s desire to grow closer to the Lord each and everyday.

An old Hymn says:

"I am weak but You are strong"

"Jesus keep me from all wrong"

"I'll be satisfied as long"

"As I walk, let me walk close to Thee"

"Just a closer walk with Thee"

"Grant it Jesus, is my plea"

"Daily walking close to Thee"

"Let it be dear Lord, let it be"

• In the previous verses we saw where Jesus called Peter, Andrew, James & John to leave their nets and follow Jesus. He proclaimed that He would make these men “fishers of men” Their call was much like our call… IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING CALL! From that moment when these men surrendered to Jesus’ invitation to “Follow Him”, these 4 men were privy to some amazing moments with the Savior.

3 of these four men would become part of Jesus’ “inner circle” so to speak. Peter, James & John were present with Jesus as he raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead, they were present with Him at the transfiguration, and they were with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In my previous occupation I was in a position where I had to work closely with several supervisors. I had virtually no authority but because of my relationship with the “Bosses” I experienced some things that others did not. I knew some of the details concerning the inner workings of that company. I was exposed to certain things that others were not. I also had certain doors open up for me as a result of my relationship with the managers of that company. It was a very beneficial situation.

Now when I refer to the “inner circle” of Jesus’ disciples I do not imply that Jesus had favorites or loved one more than the other. But it is apparent that Peter, James & John were closer to Jesus than some of the others. The same is true concerning today’s disciples. Jesus died for us all, but there are some who are closer to Him than others.

People say “I want to get closer to Jesus” or “I want more of Jesus in my life” Simply put you have just as much Jesus as you want in your life! You are as close to Jesus today as you want to be! If you really want to get closer to Jesus you will take those steps toward a “Closer walk with Him” That is the very purpose of this message…To show you the benefit of walking close to Jesus

When you walk close to Jesus you will see things that others don’t get to see.

When you walk close to Jesus you will hear things tat others don’t get to hear

When you walk close to Jesus you will experience things that others don’t get to experience.

These things are all seen in the verses we will consider this evening. Look with me to our selected text as we consider the thought “Moments With The Master” When we looked at the call of these disciples we mentioned some of the things that they “gave up” to follow Jesus. Though they did sacrifice some things, they were blessed beyond measure as a result.

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