Summary: Momentum and what stops it

It has been said that momentum is the great exaggerator. It makes everything look better than it is. On the other hand when we lack momentum obstacles seem greater than they are.

The power of momentum: A train going 50 mph 5 foot steel reinforced wall. The same train you can put a 1 inch block in front of the train can keep it from getting started.

Sportsfans will recognize that coaches know the power of momentum when the opposing team starts to gather it a smart coach will call a timeout!

Momentum creates a vacuum that pulls resources and gifts and talented people into it!

God believes in the power of momentum. He would often send the praisers and the instrumentalist before the army! So it would behoove us today to examine some of the obstacles that prevent us from reaching maximum momentum!

The first person to leave our church will be momentum. Leaders are not problem solvers leaders are momentum makers.

Hebrews 12:1-3

According to our text Christians individually and the body of Christ at large have been called to have momentum. We are to RUN(not walk gallop or stroll) but to run the race! It also reveals that it is weights that have to be removed in order for us to achieve and maintain spiritual momentum. The scripture tells us to lay aside these weights, but it is not always that easy is it!

My garage is the catch all place at my house when I am not sure what to do with something I put it in the garage my grandmother had a drawer in the kitchen that served the same purpose. Eventually these places become cluttered and so too does our spiritual lives, but perhaps you have noticed that when attempting to clean out the catch all places that things are not so easy to get rid of. We often find sentimental attachments to the stuff we have accumulated and so too do we become attached to the weights and sins that are familiar to us!

1. Obstacle that the text points to is sin as a whole!

a. It is very hard to gain momentum with a gnawing conscience. Do right and you will feel right!

b. The apostle paul told us that all things are lawful but not beneficial. You can be God’s child and still not be reaching maximum momentum. My father went to the hospital because he was tired and discovered he had 70% bloackage in his heart he was living and doing all the things he normally did but he lacked omentum.

c. Repentance is god’s system of removing the blockage so that we can see a greater manifestation of him in our lives. Jesus said blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

2. Unforgiveness is a dead weight


a. Unforgiveness freezes our lives to the time of the incident and prevents us from maturing. Psychiatrists have noted this phenomenon in abuse victims they can be adults emotionally mature as adolescence because the trauma

And inability to move beyond it has impeded their development.

b. Forgiveness Give hints at the fact that forgiveness is a gift, but not to the offender but to the one who forgives it allows us to move on with our lives and regain control. If someone can walk in a room or their name be mentioned and your blood runs cold it means they have control. We need to move the thermostat to our room so we can control our emotions otherwise we are still being victimized by them.

c. Jesus knew that unforgivness would stop his momentum and game time was approaching so on the cross without being asked he forgave. He forgave because resurrection was dependent up on it and all of Christianity hinged on his willingness to forgive. If the son of God needed to forgive so too do we if we want momentum.

3. Laziness – We can’t have momentum without mo’. Somebody has to do mo’ give mo’ invest mo’ sacrifice mo’.

a. The little as we can get by with attitude will never create or sustain momentum we need to be doers of the word active and alive. The creator set the example of harwork when he woked six days and rested on the sabath let us get busy!

b. A GOOD COACH, training a basketball player, places sand bags, laced to the shoe and tied around the ankle of his star player. The basket ball player practices, runs, and jumps all week with the weights on his feet. Resistance training it is called.

But right before the game, the coach instructs the player to remove the weights.

Hey Saint! It’s gametime!

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