Summary: A Mother’s Day Message

Momma’s Meeting with the Master

Pastor Jamie Wright * MFC * May 8, 2005

Matthew 15:21-28

Mark 7:24-30

1. Her Coming- vs. 25 “…and came and fell at his feet.”

She was desperate in her approach. She came to this man she had heard called “MASTER” and expected him to do something

She responded to what she heard! Blind see, deaf hear, lame walk dead are raised!

She was on business. She wasn’t leaving until she got what she came for. She came to get something! She wasn’t “just looking”

2. Her Crisis- vs. 26 “…demon possessed daughter…”

She had a problem (wasn’t drugs or alcohol, sex, filthy language or lewd acts)

She had a dilemma…the devil had a hold of her daughter! All out attack from demons

She had a situation…it was satanic. Her daughter was going to die if she wasn’t delivered.

She had trouble at home…it was terrible. Life will put you in a place were you have such huge needs and you can’t supply them.

(A crisis that needs Christ)! ONLY GOD CAN HELP US!

Momma what is your situation today; what’s your crisis like?

3. Her Cry- vs. 26 “…she kept asking him to cast the demon out of her daughter”

She begged, and she cried and she pleads with Jesus.

Her prayer was, “Get rid of the demons in my daughter.”

Her petition was, “Do something before they kill her.”

Her desire was for her daughter to be delivered.

Her craving was to see her little girl whole and healed.

If you don’t think you can have it, then you WON’T ask for it!

Momma what’s the cry of your heart today?

4. Her Classification - vs. 27 “…it is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the little dogs.”

Jesus called her a dog. (Them’s fightin words- ever seen a woman fight)

She was looked over…He ignored her (Matthew 15)

She was left out…Jesus said he didn’t come for the Gentile, but for the house of Israel.

She is down in the dirt on all fours. She wasn’t going to get up until she got it.

She kept crawling back even though she hadn’t gotten it yet

“Do what you want to me--- it’s not about me. I am not going anywhere until my daughter is delivered.” (Her daughter isn’t even with her.) HIS WORD

Life is a battle and a test…you have to press!

5. Her Comeback- vs. 28 “She answered, yes Lord, but even the dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs.”

Her response was… You are right Jesus

What ever you say Master, but I am still desperate

You call me a dog, then I’m a dog, but heal my daughter.

Kick me, beat me, and throw me aside…but deliver my little girl.

Her reaction caught Jesus’ attention

6. Her Compensation- vs. 29 “…go your way; the demon is gone out of your daughter.”

* Matthew 15:28 says, “O, woman, (momma) great is your faith…be it unto you even as you desired.”

Jesus told her she had GREAT FAITH…he is rewarder of those who seek him.

She got what she came for. She received payment for what she asked.

Her reward was her daughter’s deliverance

Her prize was her little girl was set free

It was all about her daughter. She didn’t give up.

7. Her Daughter’s Cure- Matthew 15: 28 “…Her daughter was healed from that very same hour” until death.

She was never demon possessed again.


Once and forever

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