Summary: This sermon is told in story fashion and chronicles events from before time into eternity.

This is a simple outline that I use as a guide to talk through each section. A well versed memory of these areas and chapters is necessary to deliver this monolgue from memory.

This outline is an over view of each of the chapters I will present and is meant to start the discussion on each area. The delivery of this message is in story fashion and is a running monologue explaining the events from before creation till the complete redemption. I start on a stool and animate as a story teller through-out.

(The power point should follow the chapters and not necessarily the content, there is a picture for each chapter)

Chapter One – Before time

The period when God existed without his creation called man. He was attended to by the angles. God existed beyond time and space.

Chapter Two: The beginning of time

This is the name that God gave for what we call “creation”. The Bible simply says in the beginning of time.

God creates all that there is in 6 days and rests

It was in this time that the chief angel, Lucifer decided to rebel against God. Many believe between verses 1 & 2 of Genesis 1. (more about that in Isaiah 14).

So God creates with great precision a massive system of universes and planets and universes within universes. The number of which are not able to be known with exact accuracy.

How vast is the universe? It would take a beam of light which travels at 700 million miles per hour 100,000 years to just to cover the distance of our universe (remember the number of universes is immeasurable)

Example: if we took the thickness of a piece of paper and made that represent the distance of the earth to the sun (93 million miles away) – to represent the distance to the nearest star called Alpha Centuri, we would need to stack paper 71 feet high. To cross the diameter of the Milky Way (That’s where we live) would take a stack of paper 310 miles high. To reach the edge of the known universe would demand a stack of paper 31 million miles high.

The universe is just as small with levels of minuteness far below the atom and its components (electron, neutrons and protons,) sub atomic particles also include; fermions, quarks, leptons and mesons.

So God creates it all the earth the skies, the sea and then the animals and finally His crowning jewel of creation MAN!

God created man because He desired to have children. When God was done, he said “It is good”.

Chapter Three: The downfall of man

So God creates his children and puts them in a paradise, a place that can’t even be described, it’s so beautiful. It’s the Garden of Eden. The term Eden is the equivalent to the word paradise.

Man is given three instructions: 1. Be fruitful 2. Multiply 3. Don’t eat one fruit.

God opens everything to man but asks Him not to eat one thing. This was a test of obedience and a test of devotion. Man failed.

Sin entered the world, man was doomed, he was spiritually separated from God because of disobedience, Satan it appeared had won, but God had a backup plan.

God’s plan went into motion.

Chapter Four: God’s plan for rescue

God jumps into action, He clothes man and woman with the skins of an animal, some think the skins may have still been bloody from the sacrifice that God made of the animal.

God sets in place a sacrificial system that would mirror and speak of the once for all sacrifice that God would bring later on.

Adam and Eve and people from then on, were to offer an animal as a sacrifice for their sins. The animal would represent the cost of the sin and would show a faithful obedience on the part of man.

In God’s plan eventually was to bring a sacrifice that would do away with the system of animals. This sacrifice would be a person that would take on himself the sins of the world. This person would come through a particular family and be born into the world as the promise of God.

We see Abraham raised up and made to be the father of a great nation – Israel. His descendants were to be the ones through whom this sacrifice would come.

All the while Satan was working to go against God’s plan. He tries to wipe out the Israeli nation over and over again. The latest attempt came in Nazi Germany. Now Iraq has that same quest.

As time goes by we see the blood line of this one promised going through Kings and peasants, men and woman.

Adam - Man

Seth - Appointed

Enosh - Mortal

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