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Summary: A message that shows that everyone needs Christ, even the good, moral person.


Selected Passages

INTRO: God gives salvation to all men alike. The only difference in a moral man and the chief of sinners is, the moral man has less to quit, but the chief has the advantage in that he knows that he is wrong and expects to make a big surrender, where the moral man thinks of his goodness.


A. Nicodemus, member of the Sanhedrin court.

B. Zacchaeus, chief of the Roman tax collectors

C. Blind beggar, just a poor harmless beggar.

II. NICODEMUS — (John 3:1-12 (quickview) ).

A. He came to Christ by night (v. 2).

B. He confessed him as a great teacher (v. 3).

C. He had a dull understanding of the new birth.

D. He marveled, "How can these things be?" (v. 5).

E. He was converted.

III. ZACCHAEUS — (Luke 19:1-10 (quickview) ).

A. He was a rich man (v. 2).

B. Not a bad fellow at all.

C. He sought to see Jesus (v. 3).

D. More than some folks, he made a second effort (v. 4).

E. He offers to make restitution (v. 8).

F. Jesus went home with him (v. 5).

IV. THE POOR BLIND BEGGAR — (John 9 (quickview) ).

A. His chanced in life were poor, uneducated, blind, etc.

B. Jesus healed him (v. 6).

C. He stepped out with cold faith.

D. His parents and neighbors were astonished.

E. Though unlearned, he knew he was healed (v. 25), and that Christ

was the son of God (vv. 35, 38).

CONC: The greatest obstacle in the moral man’s way is to realize he is lost and needs a savior.

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