Summary: When was the last time, you volunteered to help the youth team, without being told about it?

Even more!

Philemon 1:21”I am confident as I write this letter that you will do what I ask and even more!”

All we get to hear today in the corporate corridors is ‘what do I get out of this?’, ‘what is it in for me?’ ‘no one dare take advantage of me’ and so on; what sense would this devotion make for this generation who work with the ‘ME’ attitude? I got to hear about an elderly, successful servant of God who was looking out for an anointed translator to translate his English books to tamil. He identified another anointed man of God who was equally very busy, he wrote to him, ‘dear son, I want you to translate my book, only you could do this with anointing.’ The anointed man of God though he had loads and loads of his own work, said nothing but accepted this huge responsibility. What an attitude! Not only accepted but finished it to perfection much to the satisfaction of the author. Today we rarely get such dedicated, hard working, loyal people who would work with no strings attached. Are you there?

My husband and I would do all the clown work of cleaning the place, fixing the sound systems, making tea, every work connected with the meeting, finally change clothes and get on the platform to preach; there were many days that I had cooked for 100 people, sweated it out in the backyard for two hours and then walked up the platform to preach. There is a dearth for sincere workers today! Don’t read this devotion and jostle it under the carpet, think! When was the last time you went early to church to help your pastor? When was the last time, you volunteered to help the youth team, without being told about it. Push yourself forward to help, don’t wait for invitations, neither expect a pat on the back – you would get it all in heaven. Are you listening?

This book of Philemon with just one chapter and 25 scriptures is awesome and oozing with wonderful lessons for all of us. This is a letter written by Paul to Philemon, while in prison. Look what Apostle says: ‘Philemon, I know about you, you would go all out to help me and do even more than I ask’, I wish we could all say so!

Today all I get to hear from women/men is: I cannot manage between work and home, my two kids are too much to manage, I am weak and cannot work more, I cannot take care of my in-laws because my work is tough in the office, I have no time to help the pastor because my work is hectic, I have no money to give God because I have to buy the latest mobile…………!!!!!

A dear lady came to the meeting site to help her pastor, cooked food for 50 missionaries and was rushing for work, when she heard God’s voice say, ‘go back inside I want to speak with you.’ She instantly obeyed, went inside and knelt to hear from God, God whispered, ‘I love you!’

With a whirl of activity surrounding us, living in a crazy world, God is still looking for people who would rush to help, who would chauffer neighbors to church and who would volunteer in church and charitable activities without having to be told 100 times.

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