Summary: More important than our health at middle age is our ability to find and use God’s armor now at any age as we prepare to take a stand for God.

We must wear God’s armor to survive life’s battles.

I. Truth (14)

A. Know and understand

B. Practice living in truth

C. Seek and Desire God’s words

II. Righteousness (14)

A. Christ’s righteousness gives boldness

B. Our righteousness gives confidence

III. The Gospel’s Impact (15)

A. Now at peace with God

B. Bringing peace to other people

IV. Active Faith (16)

A. Practicing faith strengthens it

B. Practicing faith develops its various parts

V. Salvation (17)

A. Opens our minds to God’s mind

B. Controls our minds

VI. Personal Bible Study (17)

A. The Word alone is our weapon for battle with Satan

B. The Word brings a living power to fight for right

Concluding Remarks

The relationship of this section to the rest of Ephesians.

These are the tools we will need to [from Ephesians]:

Bring God praise and attention (1:4-14)

Benefit from the Spirit’s influence (1:15-23)

Experience God’s gift of grace (2:1-10)

Find unity with Christ (2:11-22)

Share a unique unity and fellowship (3:1-13)

Personally find Christ’s love for us (3:14-21)

Practice humility (4:1-4)

Find and give growth and encouragement (4:7-16)

Change our behavior an desires (4:17-5:5)

Live in God’s truth (5:6-17)

Live in the Spirit’s control (5:18-21)

Practice correct conduct with those close to us (5:22-6:9)

Live victoriously against Satan (6:10-17)

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