Summary: In 2002 we need to actively dispense more of God’s Grace, more Offerings to God, more Love, and more Forgiveness to others in the Body of Christ. Because the more G.O.L.F. we play the more we will impact our community.

More of You Lord in 2002 part 4

Thesis: In 2002 we need to actively dispense more of God’s Grace, more Offerings to God, more Love, and more Forgiveness to others in the Body of Christ. Because the more G.O.L.F. we play the more we will impact our community.



Bob brought in this booklet in last week called Golf Digest that he had received in the mail. On page 19 of this booklet is a page stating the 7 Keys to a good golf game. Listen again to what they are and lets apply them spiritually to playing G.O.L.F. God’s way.

1. Start playing like you love the game all the time, instead of playing with dread.

2. Make a commitment to play every shot without the fear of what might happen.

3. Challenge yourself with each hole and every shot to see how great you can play.

4. Try to be more decisive, less hesitant and distracted, at the moment of truth.

5. Learn to accept bad results and then move on. Don’t give bad shots extra meaning.

6. Be more into doing your pre-shot routine than thinking about the circumstances.

7. Before every round, prepare to live the above process throughout the whole day and tournament.

(Author is Dr. Bob Rotella)

Today we are going to talk about the putting stroke. From my research this week I discovered how important putting is to the game of golf. The following chart reveals it’s importance:

The chart reveals that putting is 43% of the game and approach shots are 32% of the game and drives are only 25% of the game. This shows us the importance of putting in the real game of golf but it also applies spiritually in G.O.L.F. God’s way. Professionals also say that putting is the part of the game that comes under the closest scrutiny when you play. You ask why? It’s the stroke that comes under the most scrutiny from the other players. They all stand and watch to see if you know how to putt.

Our putting stroke is the most important stroke and in God’s G.O.L.F. this is the Forgiveness stroke.

I. The techniques for properly putting the ball in the game of golf.

a. The first factor the pros tell us to take into account is the ball-they say make sure the ball you use on the green is balanced.

i. They studies and discovered balls which are out of balance roll toward the heavy side.

1. So there is no doubt, the ball itself must be considered a factor in putting.

ii. So make sure your ball is well balanced!

iii. Spiritually what do I say, “To keep your balance - balance everything against the cross!”

1. There are to many so-called Christians out there who are out of balance because they have not embraced forgiveness.

b. The second key to putting well is found in the word “Practice” – Practice makes perfect especially in putting.

i. I add practice makes perfect in the putter of forgiveness too. It’s essential that we practice the art of forgiveness. It’s the only way to win at GOLF God’s way.

c. The earlier in the day that you play the game the better you will be able to putt. Don’t wait to the end of the day start fresh in the early morning hours. But by all means learn to read the green

i. Best time to deal with the forgiveness stroke is right away in the morning the longer you wait the harder it is to forgive.

1. The longer you wait the deeper the root of un-forgiveness boroughs.

ii. If you cannot do it then learn to read the green and see where the son is!

1. Ask the Son for direction and the ability to forgive he will help you.

d. You also need to be decisive when you putt.

i. Fahey notes, “’Never up, never in.’” Good putters tend to putt the ball beyond the hole; poor putters tend to be short” (75).

ii. Let’s not come up short in the game of G.O.L.F. lets go for the hole by being decisive when you putt!

1. To many people miss the cup because they are not decisive in their forgiveness putt.

e. The next factor has to deal with your target line and ball line.

i. Figure out which way the green will break. But make sure your target line is line with the hole. You adjust the ball line by how you hit the ball.

ii. Make sure you always square yourself in line with the hole. This is called the target line a straight line to the cup.

iii. Always look at the hole – The cup of blessing - not the ball!

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