Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: a look at how one person can make a difference

Queen Esther made a difference because:

----------1) She was willing to take a risk.

—In the middle of life is if.

—Faith is believing God for what only

He can do.

—2Cor. 12:9,10

----------2) She took the time to plan.

—No one plans to fail they fail to plan.

—Prov. 13:16

Luke 14:28-35

----------3) God is in control.

—Satan is on a leash.

—Prov. 21:1

Psalm 2

Esther 4:13

—Gen. 50:20

— Don’t wish people good luck

wish them good grace.

Preached the week after the election of 2000. Started with the fact that we have learned

that one vote makes a difference. Once person can make a difference and that is true in and election or in any facet of life. Esther made a difference because:

She was willing to take a risk. Going to the king univeited was a dangerous thing but she felt that she had to do it. How made of could do something for God if we would only get out of our comfort zone and take a risk. God says that his strength is made perfect when we are weak. I’m weak when I’m being stretched. Taking risks shows faith and trust in God.

Esther had a plan. She did not make a leap in the dark. She calls for prayer and fasting before she makes her big step. No one plans to fail they fail to plan. We must not think it is a grand leap of faith to do something without proper preparation. God gave us a brain, lets use it.

God was in control of this whole situation. Who knows that God had not raised you up for a time such as this. God is working and he is behind the scenes getting the right things in order for His will to be done. Things don’t just happen. It is a matter of our will or a matter of God’s will that things come about.

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