Summary: Obedience and submission to God’s will in our life.


January 12, 2002

Luke 12: 22 – 34


Introduction: Many people are missing the real issue of life. Some may even think that the reason why they accumulated material things is simply because of their own effort.

While others tend to blame other people or sometimes the government why their life is in misery.

There are complicated issues pertaining to what other people think when it comes to survival. Some committed crimes for the sake of money and others became the poor victims.

There is a cycle of misunderstanding and confusions that leads to destruction.

But it should not be among the believers or Christians because we believe what the Bible said.

Luke 12: 22 Then He (Jesus Christ) said to His disciples, “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; nor about the body, what you will put on.”

Jesus Christ is talking to His disciples. Obviously, they are followers and Believers to Jesus Christ. In our modern term, they are Christians just like you and me if we are for Christ, not just merely by name but in every details and aspect of our life.

“Do not worry about your life,” Jesus Christ knew exactly that our life is important and vital but He made it clear that Christians/ disciples/ Believers need not worry about life.

“What you will eat; nor about the body what you will put on.”

There is tendency for human being to fall into the temptation just because of food.

In Genesis 25: 29-34 “Esau Sells His Birthright”. Because of food Esau’s birthright was sold.

(Ill) Because the father love her daughter so much, he decided to test her daughter’s boyfriend. The father asked the man, “if you really love my daughter you need to pass this test .”

The man replied, because I love your daughter I will do whatever you want.”

The father said, “Ok, there is a vacant room in my house and you can stay there as long as I wish without food but just water.”

The gentleman submitted himself and locked out with out any assurance until when it will last.

After a week the father asked the boyfriend of his daughter. “What do you want- soup or my daughter?”

The man thought for a while, then with his body shaking in hunger, he replied, “I like soup!” So, he failed the test simply because he is hungry.

What he forgot was, if he chose the daughter the soup will follow.

“Do not worry about your life, what you will eat.” Nor, about the body what you will put on.”

Cosmetic products became popular among the ladies and there are also man who spent big amount of dollars for the sake of protecting the body and beautifying their bodies.

We need to protect our bodies because our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We need to eat healthy foods to maintain our physical bodies.

We also need to clothe our bodies against to cover and protect it from outside forces or anti-bodies that may cause harm.

But because of the discovery of cosmetics and beauty products, women especially, became so passionate about these things to the point of trying to earn so much and sacrificing a lot of things just to be able to buy expensive and branded products which they think will make miracles to change the way they look.

(Ex) You know what happened to Ryder - an Actress / Hollywood star. She has everything but because of her desires for material things, she tried to steal from the store. She ruined her reputation by that action.

Do not waste our energy thinking about these things. Do not put ourselves in a situation wherein we are craving for things that we could not afford.

We should not embrace what we couldn’t embrace. We have our own boundaries and limitations and we should be aware of it.

V. 23 “Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing.”

This is our hope and inspiration. Those who trusted the Lord Jesus Christ are people with joy in their hearts even though they don’t have what others have. We are contented on what we have.

Your life and my life is more important than food. We could live without food in our stomach but we cannot live without Jesus Christ in our hearts.

We need our Lord Jesus Christ more than anything else in this world.

(Ex) I forgot the name of the billionaires when he said, “I have more than enough but the amount of food that I could take is just 40 cents.”

Money is not always the answer but our life in Jesus Christ can make the difference.

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