Summary: Continuing with the life of Moses. This message - looking at his dealings with the Golden Calf.

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Moses - An Embattled Leader

Exodus 32

Every leader must:

I. Expect doubters!

A. Moses had his! (37:1-2, 22-24)

1. Aaron

2. The people

B. God had His!

1. Satan (Job’s life)

2. The Pharisees

3. The disciples (Peter, Thomas)

C. We will have ours!

II. Care - Even when we don’t feel like it!

A. Moses cared enough to beg for God’s mercy

for the people. (11-14)

B. Christ cared enough to ask for God’s mercy

for His killers. (Luke 23:34)

C. We will have to care for those who are, at

times, difficult to care about!

III. Rebuke when necessary!

A. Moses came down from his mountain top

experience with God only to have to rebuke

the people for their ungodliness. (19-21)

B. Christ had to rebuke His followers from

time to time. (Peter - Matthew 16:21-23)

C. We must be ready to rebuke when necessary.

IV. Oppose what is popular!

A. Most of Israel was involved in this

ungodly activity. It takes a real leader

to stand for what is right. (25-26, 30)

B. Christ opposed the popular opinions of the

early religious leaders.

(Matthew 21:23-27, 26:69-75, John 6:60-71)

C. We must oppose what is ungodly and testify

to what God desires.

V. Discipline effectively.

A. Moses’ punishment of the offenders might

seem extreme, but we must look at it as

being symbolic of how God will deal with

offenders. (27-29, 35)

B. Christ will deal severely with those who

oppose Him and His Kingdom.

(Revelation 19:11-21)

C. Our “justice” must be fair and effective.

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