Summary: Moses at age 40 decided to leave Egypt; why?

Please open your bibles to Exodus Chapter 2….. I’ve asked Daniel Pryor to read our passage this morning; Exodus 2:10-22…..

Let’s summarize the story.

a. Moses, a Hebrew boy, was adopted and became a grandson of the powerful King of Egypt.

b. Moses grew up in Egypt with all the royal privileges and training.

c. Somehow, God doesn’t tell us, Moses found out he was Hebrew.

d. Moses witnessed his people, the Hebrews, treated as slaves.

e. Moses secretly killed an Egyptian Slave Master, indicating his physical maturity and strength.

f. Moses’s secret was found out and the Pharaoh tried to kill him.

g. Moses fled Egypt to Midian, married a non-Hebrew (likely Arabic).

Before we talk about the Biblical Principles from this passage, we need to look at what else God says about this story; Turn with me to the Book of Acts, chapter 7, where Stephen spoke with the power of God and the Truth…

Acts 7:23-29….. 3 things we can note??

1. Moses was 40 years old when he left Egypt.

2. v25?? Moses had an ego! Moses thought he could save the world by himself!

But because the Hebrews did not want anything to do with Moses….

3. Moses left Egypt because was also embarrassed!

And again, the Book of Hebrews is also a help to us with Old Testament heroes; Turn to Hebrews 11….

Read along with me Hebrews 11:24-27….

Each verse gives us another glimpse into Moses’ life, don’t they? We note that it was also by faith that Moses left Pharaoh’s home (a secular place) and he went to his own people the Israelites. Now, in general, where does faith come from??

v24: If faith comes by hearing, Moses found God while he was still in Pharaoh’s house by listening to someone about God!

God does not tell us who spoke to Moses about God. Your guess is as good as mine, but I think it is interesting to think about it. Who do you think told Moses about God and his actual people were the Israelites??

Moses’ Egyptian stepmother, who knew he was Hebrew and was caring and loving, could have educated Moses about God. We’ll find out when we get to heaven!

An unknown Hebrew in Pharaoh’s court could have spoken to Moses. We’ll find out when we get to heaven!

Maybe one of Moses’ relatives sent a note to him. We’ll find out when we get to heaven!

No matter who, what joy it must be for the person who led Moses to God! Don’t you think there’s a reason why God kept this a mystery; we’ll note this a little later!

And what can we note from v25-26: Although with hardship, Moses chose to live godly and focused on eternal things not worldly ones!

And as I alluded to earlier, v27: Moses’ action to leave Egypt was also based on faith in the invisible God! What do you think I’m thinking what Moses did before he left Egypt?? I bet Moses Prayed, Planned, ….. – the 7 P’s!!!

And so, what biblical principles can we apply to our lives based on Moses’ life so far? Moses grew up Egyptian in basically the king’s household; Moses, adopted as an Egyptian, grew up in a secular society; he somehow heard about God and that he was Hebrew.

When he was 40 years old, Moses decided to see how his people the Hebrews were living and found them mistreated as slaves; Moses thought he could save the Hebrews and secretly killed an Egyptian slave-master.

At some point, Moses believed in God and turned away from the sins of Egypt; and so Moses left Egypt for a number of reasons but mainly because of his belief in God!

For 40 years, all Moses knew was to be an Egyptian, and to rule as a Pharaoh like his step-grandfather; but God had other plans!

1. No matter the circumstances, God always has a good plan!

But God’s good plan for Moses and the Hebrews, first of all, needed someone sharing the truth and Moses listening to those truths.

2. God’s good plan requires people sharing and listening to truths.

And let us note that Moses was actually lost spiritually. We don’t know who told Moses about the truth and about God; it’s a mystery, because what matter is that the truth was shared! As Christians, God calls us to share the truth about God to those who are lost around us, even if no one else hears about it! Let us keep this in mind and commit to doing it! A person you tell the gospel to today can be another Moses in the future or more recently to a person like Dwight L. Moody!

And let us note, Moses made mistakes, but he grew in his faith in God by listening to God. As Christians we must commit to continue listening to God’s Word and always see ourselves in need of maturing spiritually. Everyday, we should ask ourselves, how can I grow spiritually today?

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