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(1). The Problems Moses Experienced (vs 1-10)

(2). The Prayer Moses Voiced (vs 11-15)

(3). The Provision Moses Needed (vs 16-25)



• Due to an accident a minister had to have all of his remaining teeth pulled out;

• And a set of new dentures were made for him.

• The first Sunday he preached after this happened;

• He only preached 10 minutes.

• The second Sunday, he preached only 20 minutes.

• But, on the third Sunday, he preached 1 hour 25 minutes.

Well it did not take long for the congregation to start grumbling and moaning about the length of his last sermon.

• One of the Church leaders decided to have a quiet word with him;

• And ask him about the various lengths of his recent talks.

• The minister responded this way.

• On the first Sunday, my gums were so sore it hurt to talk, so I had to keep it short.

• The second Sunday, my gums were much better;

• But after a while talking, my dentures started to hurt,

• So once again I needed to finish early.

• On the third Sunday, I accidentally grabbed my wife's dentures by mistake

• And that’s why I couldn't stop talking!

• TRANSITION: Now all of you wanting to complain about that joke;

• Please form a que at the door of the vestry afterwards!

COMPLAINING is often said to be a British national pastime:

• We British like to complain about everything;

• We moan about the weather, “It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too windy, it’s too wet etc.”

• In fact some people literally moan about everything!

• We live in the most indulged society in the world;

• And yet it is also the most disgruntled society in the world.

• It seems to me that the more we have the more we seem to complain.

• TRANSITION: The people in Numbers chapter 11;

• Are people who are moaning and grumbling without any valid reasons,

• They had every reason to celebrate and virtually no reason to complain.

Think of God’s track record – the background to this chapter:

• God had set this people free from slavery.

• When the Egyptian army came after them, God drowned them in the sea.

• Never again would these people labour under the crack of a whip.

• When hunger gnarled at their stomachs;

• God provided bread from heaven!

• When their throats panted for water;

• God cracked open a rock, and water gushed out to quench their thirst

Furthermore, God’s people were about to enter a land:

• Where there enemies had been swept away by hornets;

• (Exodus chapter 23 verse 28).

• They would live in cities they did not build;

• Find homes they did not furnish,

• Drink water from wells they did not dig;

• Eat fruit from orchards they had not planted.

• Instead of whining they should have been singing;

• Instead of grumbling, they should have been dancing.

• Instead of complaining, they should have been celebrating.

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