Summary: Moses authored some of the original leadership manuscripts.

Moses on Leadership

Exodus 17:8-18:27

Everyday, public and private entities spend hundreds of thousands to millions on books, resources, seminars, etc that are based on leadership principles.

All of these “newly discovered” ideas can also be found in the Bible, written a few thousand of years ago.

In this passage, we learn some of these leadership principles through Moses. Those principles:

I. Every leader needs a team who will support them in

the battle! (Ex. 17:8-16)

A. Moses had Aaron and Hur

1. Battle against Amalekites.

2. When Moses’ hands were raised, the

Israelites were winning.

3. Aaron and Hur helped in hold his hands up.

B. Jesus had the “Big 3” - Peter, James, & John (Matthew 17:1-13, 26:36-46, John 19:25-27)

1. Jesus didn’t allow everybody to walk with Him as the twelve.

2. Not all of the twelve were allowed to

witness every moment of His life.

3. Ultimately, only one was there at perhaps

His most intimate moment.

C. We need people who will lift us up as we

seek to lead in the ministry to which we

are called.

II. Every leader needs a structure that will be

effective in the conquest! (Ex. 18:1-27)

A. Jethro knew Moses couldn’t do it on his own.

1. Moses was giving direction. (Ex 15:22)

2. Moses was dealing with logistics.

(Ex 15:22-17:7)

3. Moses was resolving disputes.

(Ex 18:13-27)

B. Moses needed to rid himself of some


1. Jethro’s advice:

A. Appoint someone else to settle the conflicts. (Ex 18:19-23)

B. Let them handle the simple cases; bring you the difficult cases.

2. Moses responds: Yes sir!!

C. Leaders in the church need effective

structural support!

1. Leaders cannot have the attitude that

they have to do it all! (Failure results)

2. Congregations cannot have the attitude

that they appoint leaders to do it all! (Burnout results)

3. Congregations cannot appoint “puppets”.

4. Leaders and team members must work in cooperation to accomplish goals.

1. Let us strive to support ALL leaders (church,

gov’t., etc) with word (encouragement) and deed

(prayer, involvement, etc)!

2. Let us strive as leaders to involve the team in

all aspects!

3. Let us remember whose church this is!!!

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