Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Moses goes up Mount Sinai to meet God for various reasons; once he starts towards God-then God calls him to come unto him.

G-11-33 S. T. 2211




A. Recluse.

B. Rendezvous.

C. Renew.


A. Restricted.

B. Received.

C. Restorative.


A. Resilience.

B. Reinforcements.

C. Representative.

“Moses went up to God.” What a statement! He had met God at the Burning Bush; he had seen God’s handiwork in Egypt and in the wilderness; he was told at Rephedim to go to the rock and there meet God. Now, he goes up to God on his own, uninvited, alone and with a purpose-He has to meet God. He can go on no farther-he has to meet God.

May that be a lesson in our lives-we have to meet God. When life becomes too hectic, when we run out of steam, when we are alone or with a group, there comes times in our lives that we have to leave all behind for a season and “go up to God.” It is there that we can be like Moses; there we can talk to God; there, we can sense His Spirit; and there we can be renewed.

I see three things in this passage of Scriptures. The first thing I see is that there were certain REASONS that propelled Moses to go up to meet God. The next thing I note is that there was a divine RECEPTION to Moses as there will always be to us. Lastly, I note the RESULTS of this encounter with God.

Moses had to meet God and in so doing-he was never the same-may we take advantage of the same type of a situation and go up to meet God so we can change for our betterment.

* THE REASONS: What were some of the reasons that made Moses “go up to God?” I do not have all of the answers but I think I have at least three Reasons why he did so.

The first one has to do with him wanting to be alone, to Recluse himself away from the mob below, and go up to meet God alone. Again, this is a good example to follow.

The next Reason I list is that he wanted to have a Rendezvous with God. He wanted to meet Him again-friend to Friend. He needed to talk to his Friend, to meet with Him alone, to share with Him all that was on his heart and to be thankful for the many ways that He helped him in his journey to date. There were other reasons he might have had but the bottom line was that he wanted to meet with God alone.

The last Reason I list is that Moses wanted to Renew himself in the presence of God. He had given so much to the Children of Israel and now he wanted to renew his faith and friendship with his God. All of these Reasons listed here are vital facts for we who claim to be followers of God-we need to do the same.

** THE RECEPTION: Moses wanted to “go up to meet with God,” but what did God do to this man who approached Him?

The first thing I list is that God accepted him and called out to him. Note, this call was a Restricted call. God called Moses to him-not the rest of the Children of Israel. This call was for one person only. When we need to get alone with God, listen for Him to call out our name to come and meet him on the mountain.

Next, I notice the Reception that Moses received from God as He called out to Moses-He accepted him as he came. There are no notes in the Bible that Moses had to do thus or so before he went to meet God; he came out of desperation and want and God called out to him and Received him. Oh my friend, God still receives those who seek Him. He receives us as we are; we go to Him and, He calls our name and Receives us with all the cares and baggage of this life that we carry on our shoulders. Moses went up carrying a heavy heart and God met him. He will do so for us. Moses returned later with a light heart and we will too because God will Receive us as we are when we come to Him.

Then, I notice the third part of the Reception that Moses received when he “went up to meet God.” Moses was Restored. The Reception that Moses encountered that day was more than just a conversation Moses received a Restorative experience with God on the mountain. Oh, how much we need to do the same thing. We cannot make it alone in this world. We need to do the same thing.

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