Summary: Mother Wisdom cannot guarantee that following her advice will create a personal Utopia, but her principles are likely to make our lives much, much better.

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Mother Wisdom’s Advice

(Proverbs 3:1-8)

1. Mothers are, by nature, on the lookout to correct their children. Here are some fictitious quotations from the mothers of famous people:

• After all the money we spent on braces, is that the biggest smile you can give me? [Mona Lisa’s Mother]

• I don’t care what you’ve discovered, you could have still written. [Columbus’ Mother]

• Of course I’m proud you invented the electric light bulb. Now be a good boy and turn it off and go to bed. [Thomas Edison’s mother]

• But it’s your Barmitzvah photo. Couldn’t you do something about your hair? [Albert Einstein’s mother] (adapted from

2. One of many great gifts a mother can give her children is wisdom. As a matter of fact, wisdom is personified in Proverbs as a woman, and she addresses her listeners as “my son.” So I call her, “Mother Wisdom.”

Main Idea: Mother Wisdom cannot guarantee that following her advice will create a personal Utopia, but her principles are likely to make our lives much, much better.

3. They had a news story about what people living into their 90’s and 100’s had in common. A lot of that, however, is genetic. What matters more frequently is helping someone who would die in their 50’s to live to their 70’s or 80’s. There are things that make a difference, but no guarantees. But certain behaviors increase statistical likeliness. That’s how it is with wisdom. We are really talking about improving the statistics, not guarantees.

I. Mother Wisdom Wants to EXTEND the Lifespan of Her Children (1-2)

The word for teaching is torah. Wisdom has its own torah. And the payoff is later.

A. Wise people are not RECKLESS

Joke about Jones who worked at gun powder factory, lit cigarette in powder room.

If you engage in reckless behavior, it can catch up to you: driving, sports, electricity, life jackets, crash helmets, procedures…

B. Wise people live in BALANCE and MODERATION

Many things good in moderation are harmful in excess…

C. Wise people develop DISCIPLINED routines

II. Mother Wisdom Wants Her Children to SUCCEED in Life (3-4)

We are bind these, absorb them, integrate them into who we are, never leave them behind or lose them…PART OF US like a tree graft…

What is success? A rich, meaningful, God-honoring life (a life that is an investment and enjoyable rather than just using up time).

A. Two qualities make others PREDISPOSED toward you

1. HESED (steadfast love, kindness)

2. FAITHFULNESS (truthfulness)

• People pleasers are kind, but not always honest (what you want to hear)

• Honest people are not always kind, but can be blunt, harsh, unfeeling

• But people who are both, those are the kind of people we love and respect

• Mothers teach kindness…my mom talking to widow … Marylu’s mom

B. Gains favor with both God and PEOPLE

1. Parents are pleased when their children treat one another w/ love & respect, but displeased w/ sibling rivalry, arguing, taking another’s things

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