Summary: God’s plan for mothers and what it really takes for women to fulfill God’s high calling of motherhood.

“Motherhood: What Really Matters”

*Luke 2:1-51

Introduction Statement: Motherhood, think about

its blessing, joys, sorrows,

challenges and triumphs. There’s no

greater ecstasy than her holding her

new born, and no greater anguish than

the broken heart a child may cause. A

mother’s love is the nearest thing on

earth to God’s love. The wisdom of

God is exhibited in motherhood. We

are not a by-product of some

impersonal biological process. We

are not made on some assembly line by

the combination of chemicals. Our

mothers nurtured us and formed an

intimate relationship with us before

we were born. She jeopardized her

life for us. The greatest lessons we

have ever learned have come from

loving, caring, sacrificing mothers

who were always available to us. A

woman’s greatest, most fulfilling and

far-reaching role is expressed in


-Illustration- Beatitudes of Motherhood:

Blessed is the mother who

understands her child, for she

shall inherit a kingdom of


Blessed is the mother who knows

how to comfort, for she shall

posses a child’s devotion.

Blessed is the mother who guides

by the path of righteousness,

for she shall be proud of her


Blessed is the mother who is

never shocked, for she shall

receive confidence.

Blessed is the mother who teaches

respect, for she shall be


Blessed is the mother who

emphasizes the good and

minimizes the bad, for in

like manner the child shall

make evaluations.

Blessed is the mother who treats

her child as she would be

treated, for her home shall be

filled with happiness.

Blessed is the mother who answers

simply the startling

questions, for she shall

always be trusted.

Blessed is the mother who has

character strong enough to

withstand the thoughtless

remarks and resentments of the

growing child, for again, in

due time, she shall be honored.


-When God became a man, he didn’t arrive full-grown…

he came as a baby born to a woman.

-Motherhood was and is a very important role in the

plan of God to redeem mankind.

-Some mothers are carrying, raising or have raised a

missionary, evangelist, a pastor, a teacher, a

witness of God’s grace to the nations.

-When Mary was visited by the angel she could not

have known the significance in God’s plan.

-She was the “virgin” Isaiah had foretold of(Is. 7:14)

-Mother’s, you may not realize your significance in

God’s plan because society in many ways may

devalue motherhood.

-Most mothers know that God values their commitment

to mothering

-Some comments from Mother’s on Motherhood:

“I feel that what I do as a mother is very


“I feel like I never finish anything”

“I feel exhausted all the time”

“I feel so out of control”

-It’s understandable why Mother’s may question

their "worth" when their work is constantly

unfinished, coming undone, or without monetary



-Mary began her journey as a mother by carrying the

Messiah for nine month

-Let’s look at Mary’s role as a mother, and what the

Scriptures reveal, “really matters in motherhood”

I. Motherhood: What Really Matters

A. Embrace the call to motherhood (Luke


1. God’s messenger visits Mary – v. 26-28

2. The angel explains God’s plan – v. 30-


3. Mary humbly accepts the role of

motherhood – v. 38

B. Anticipate what the role of motherhood is

and what the result could be (Luke


1. Mary’s role … to raise a son v.7 – the

result would be a Savior v. 11

2. Mary’s role … to raise a child v.17 –

the result would be the Christ v. 11

3. How do mother’s get from “what is”

to “what will be”?

*Do what Mary did – (v. 22-40)

Accept role and Anticipate the


C. Mother’s must Adjust from what is

convenient to what is right (v. 40 & 52)

1. Being a mother takes courage,

responsibility, loyalty, hard work,

patience and consistency all held

together by LOVE.

2. Mary created an environment (through

mothering) for Jesus to grow (v. 80)

a.) Mentally (wisdom)

b.) Physically (stature)

c.) Spiritually (favor with God)

d.) Socially (favor with people)

D. Mother’s shouldn’t Assume their child will

do what is right without guidance


1. Give your child room to roam, but

don’t let him roam away

2. Teach your child, nurture them, be an

example to them

II. Motherhood: It Really Matters (Final Exhortation

to Mom’s)

A. God will bless you when you accept His

call to motherhood

B. God will strengthen your faith when you

anticipate His result in your child

C. God will build your character when you

adjust to His standard of mothering

D. God will guide your life when a mother

assumes responsibility to guide her


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