Summary: Instead of focusing strictly on mothers, this sermon takes a look at the miracle of children and the impact that God, the husband and the children all have on home.

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It’s Mother’s Day!

Some motherly advice …

At times it may be difficult to get the attention of your children … if that happens just try this …

The quickest way for a mother to get the attention of her children is to sit down and look comfortable.

At other times you may want some “alone time” …

Mothers can have a few minutes to themselves at the end of the day by doing the dishes.

Mothers are human but many variations

Some are awesome

Some are cruel

Some are Godly

Some are atheists

Most are somewhere in between

KL’s experience with Mother’s Day - As a young mother she would come home from church defeated because she would compare her mothering skills (which were very good) with those described by the special speaker of the day. She would be depressed …

The effectiveness of the mother is

Enhanced by the father if he is a good father

Frustrated by the father if he is a poor father

Enhanced by the presence of God in the home

Frustrated by the absence of God in the home

Enhanced or frustrated by the personality of the child


A mother may have two children; one compliant and one unruly. If the same mother took the compliant child to a store people might say, “She must be a very good mother! Look how well her child behaves.” But on another day she might take the unruly child to the same store and oberservers might say, “That woman is a terrible mother! Look how her child behaves!”

Same Mom different child …

But, mothers, good or bad, would not be mothers without children.

So, today let’s take a Biblical look at children.

Psalm 127:3 says,

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from Him.”

Children are a heritage (or gift) from the LORD.

Children are a miracle.

Researched possibility of evolution of male/female reproduction

Irreducible complexity

The human body is so complex that it makes an automobile look like a child’s toy in comparison. Irreducible complexity states that when a system is so complex that the failure or absence of one tiny part makes the system inoperable then it could not have evolved by one tiny mutation at a time over millions or billions or trillions of years!

The male reproductive system is such a system

How on earth did “nature” ever cause …

Every cell in the human body has 46 chromosomes … that is except for one unique cell type in women and another totally different cell type in men. Each of these unique cells only has 23 chromosomes which compliment the 23 chromosomes in the unique cell of the other gender! And then when these two unique cells meet they combine to make one complete human cell which contains all of the information necessary to become an entire human being! How did such a miracle happen?

Children are a miracle from the Lord!

And then … once that entire cell is created how does it survive until birth? It needs to get oxygen and nutrition somehow or it will die. How did “nature” ever devise a system where the unborn child could receive nutrition and oxygen from the mother without interconnecting their circulatory systems??? It is incredible but the interface (womb and placenta) is so created that the exchange of nutrition and oxygen is successful without every interconnecting the circulatory system of the mother and the child! AND this system automatically disconnects a the time of birth! That is amazing! That is a miracle!

Children are a miracle from the Lord!

And then … when the child is born a food source for the baby is automatically activated on the mom! What awesome planning! How could all of this have happened by random chance?

To say that the creative process of birth is a miracle is a mind blowing understatement!

Children are a heritage (or gift) from the LORD!

Two becoming one flesh in our children - AMAZING!

Religions of humanism and evolution have caused even some Christians to forsake the amazing miracle of the creations of God!

So, we see that children are a gift from God but when did, children, the gifts from God become a burden?

One news report recently estimated that from birth to the age of 18 it will cost $241,080.00 to raise a child. That’s $13,393/yr.

A mixture of godly common sense and thriftiness tells us that such an estimate is ludicrous.

Besides, when did children become a matter of cost-benefit analysis?

Many young people see children as a drag on their lifestyle.

Can’t go out as much

Can’t afford as big a home

Can’t afford a nice a car

Huge inconvenience

Is a child really gift you can’t afford?

Counting the cost! Children are a gift from God. Can you imagine someone bringing you a miraculous gift and you analyzing the gift to see how much it would cost you to receive it?

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