Summary: This message points out some of the characteristics and traits of a God mother.

Text: “Strength and honor are her clothing; she shall rejoice in time to come” (Proverbs 31:25) NKJV.

The NIV of the Bible states verse 25 like this: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at her days to come.”

TEV of the Bible says, “She is strong and respected and not afraid of the future.”

There are women who are mothers and then there are women who are Godly mothers.

Just because a woman conceives and has a child does not necessarily make that woman a Godly mother. There are women today who have one or more children, but do not exhibit the characteristics or traits of a Godly mother.

Children are God’s creation and they are not accidents. God has a plan for every life He creates. Each one of us is created in the image of God. Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness….so God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:26-27).

God created every person in His image. He is saying that every human-being has His love, patience, forgiveness, kindness, faithfulness, trust, etc.

A Godly mother will thank God for giving her the opportunity to bring forth what He has created. She will be overjoyed in knowing that God has chosen her and given her the honor and responsibility to nurture what He has created.

Those of you present this morning who are mothers, grandmothers, or great-grandmothers. I believe I can safely say that your mother as well as my mother is now in the presence of the Lord.

Perhaps, due to some unforeseen circumstance, some of you were raised by someone who was not your biological mother. I was fortunate to have my mother for many years.

A Godly mother is priceless. Scripture says, “Her worth is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10). When I look back upon my life, I realize how fortunate I was to have a mother who was second to God. My mother was my best friend. She saw to it that I was well taken care of. She taught me what was important in life and what was not important.

John Quincy Adams said: “All that I am my mother taught me.”

Abraham Lincoln said: “All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

Dwight L. Moody declared: “All that I have ever accomplished in life, I owe to my mother.”

Napoleon was a wise when he said: “Let France have good mothers and she will have good sons.”

Benjamin West declared: “A kiss from my mother made me a painter.”

Henry Ward Beecher once said: “The memory of my sainted mother is the brightest recollection of my early years.”

President McKinley provided in his will that, first of all, his mother should be made comfortable for life.

Garfield’s first act, after being inaugurated President of the United States, was to stoop and kiss his aged mother, who sat near him.

Julia Ward Howe, when ninety-one years of age, said: “We talk of forty horsepower. If we had forty mother power, it would be the most wonderful force in the world.”

I am sure that many of you could say similar things about your mother. No one can take the place of a Godly mother. A Godly mother possesses many special personality traits.

She is a woman of strong character; unbelievable wisdom; innumerable skills; great compassion; enormous trust; endless strength; never-ending patience; forgiveness beyond belief; kindness to the nth degree; faith of a saint; and, the inexhaustible love of our Heavenly Father.

Godly mothers have a strong character. The smile on her face is an outward reflection of the joy within her heart. The caring look emanating from her eyes is one of empathy and concern for her family and loved ones. The touch of her hand is soft and gentle always ready to comfort and soothe the hurts of her loved ones. The words that come from her mouth are words of honesty and trust. Mothers are special and precious people created by God to care for His children.

Story: “It’s Mother’s Hand!”

There is a beautiful story told of a soldier in World War I who was wounded on the battlefields of France, taken to a hospital, and finally brought back to America. He was in critical condition when he reached an American hospital – his eyes blinded, his mind beclouded, and his body mangled.

And then his old mother traveled many miles to his bedside, laid her hand on his brow. Instantly he said: “it’s my mother’s hand! I’d know it anywhere!”

The mother had not spoken, but he knew the touch of her hand! So it is that Christians who truly know their Lord also learn to recognize and long for “the touch of His hand.”

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