Summary: Mother's Day sermon showing how Eunice, Jochebed and Hannah "built" their family

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Exodus 2; 2 Tim. 1:5;

Two kids told mother not to cook for Mother's day ... they would do it.

9 pots, 2 skillets, 4 large bowls, 11 spoons, 5 measuring cups and 1 whole roll of paper towels later Mom said ... "That was the best Jell-O I ever had." \

Job description for mothers .....

WANTED: Women for long term position. Degree or diploma not necessary. Knowledge of the following helpful; cooking and baking {especially cookies}, washing, doctoring cuts, scrapes and measles, bloody noses, broken hearts; sewing buttons, costumes, and party dresses; able to referee ... fights and games; play ball, drive a car, know long division, how to give birthday parties, blow balloon, go camping, fishing, pick up worms, plant a garden, attend P.T.A. Must be able to tolerate dirty little boys, giggly little girls, puppies, an tracked up floors. Should be a financial wizard ... able to maintain a household on pennies and quarters but still save for college. Should be able to patch broken dolls, be Santa's helper, darn socks, make colored egg, attend little league baseball games, work the concession booth, listen to rock music and tell bedtime stories. Should have a twinkle in the eye, easy laughter, a shoulder to cry on, and a lap that holds at least three. Must have stamina of a plow horse, wisdom of an owl, speed of a gazelle, and grace of a swan. Must be able to color and never need to ask what her child is drawing. May be short or tall, thin or plump. Must be available 24 hours a day. No days off and no overtime pay. Must have a heart that will chase after rainbows, butterflies and kittens. Must be able to forgive over and over, and over and over, and over and over.. .. and love forever.

In a few weeks I will be preaching a Father's day sermon so I don't want to say anything here that would destroy that, BUT. ... THE MOST IMPORT ANT JOB IN THE WORLD TODAY IS THAT OF MOTHER!!!!!

More than half of the homes today are headed by single mother ...

in homes where one stays home = 90 % mother

in homes where both work mom still does more than 50%



I simply related the reality that it has become that way.

There are many today who see Motherhood as a great waste because childbearing years just happen to correspond with the most productive career years, and some feel she should be making an investment in society and her future though her career.

I thank God for those women who know better and have chosen to be Mothers ...

whether they work or stay at home .... I thank God for them.

I thank God for those women who have A VISION for her children ... a vision of what they should become, how they should act, and what they should be taught.

The purpose of this message is just to be an encouragement to you mothers of the positive influence you can have on your child's life.

The writer of proverbs said, "Without a vision the people perish. "

I want to say that Without a God-given vision of a mother for her children, children will grow up in our society and never become the positive persons and influences that they could be ... JUST BECAUSE THE MOTHER LACKS A VISION FOR HER FAMILY.

You can read biographies of great men of this world and one thing constantly comes through .... GREAT MEN COME FROM GREAT PARENTS .... ESPECIALLY GREAT MOTHERS.

Winston Churchill ... "You forgot my most important teacher. .. my mother."

The scripture tells of many of those mothers. Today we will look at the three great mothers of three great men.

As we look I want you to notice three things that mothers should build into every home.

I am calling this sermon, "Mothers: the Carpenters of the Home."

Eunice: Build a Foundation of Faith

As you read the scripture three things are clear about Eunice... she was a Godly woman, raised by a Godly Mother, but married to an unbeliever

Paul was the most influential Christian of the first century other than Jesus Christ.

He started more churches, wrote more scripture and advanced the gospel the furthest. In his travels, Paul met a young man that impressed Paul very much.

Paul could see goodness, sincerity, faith, and a firm foundation ill this young man, Timothy.

He was so impressed that he invited Timothy to join him and be his helper... his son in the gospel.

Where did Timothy get his faith, his foundation?

In S.S.? Watching TV evangelists? From his father??

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