Summary: There seems to be very little ROOM in our schedule for God. This morning I would suggest that we need to MAKE ROOM FOR GOD in our lives.


Mothers Day 05.08.16

Text: II Kings 4:8 thru 10


I want us to celebrate Mothers Day by MAKING (more) ROOM FOR GOD.

Sometimes that is not so easy to do. Most moms live very busy lives. Constantly on the go…going to work…going to school …going shopping…going to a meeting…going to visit a friend, relative, or maybe a business appointment. Moms are on the go!

There seems to be very little ROOM in our schedule for God. This morning I would suggest that we need to MAKE ROOM FOR GOD in our lives.

That is what we see in this passage of scripture.

For some, who would read this, this might only be an account of a man of God (named Elisha) visiting the home of a stranger in an unknown town known as Shunem. In fact the Hebrew translation of “Shunem” is just that. “Shunem” means “unknown”.

Great place to call home, huh? If you lived in “Shunem” and you were asked where you lived, you would have to say, “Unknown…uh…I don’t know…”

Someone saw the “Man of God” passing by and invited Him in.

Today I would ask that each of us stop what we are concerned or worried about and begin to MAKE ROOM FOR GOD. Allow the Holy Spirit to simply walk right thru the front door of your home… And to come on in and pay a visit.

Moms - with the dawn of each new day, we all should expect a renewal and a new experience with the Lord. We should make certain that we MAKE ROOM FOR GOD! Amen? This is because…

God often operates in new things – He is creative.

I can assure you that the Lord knows what He is doing.

God wants you to make a place for Him in your home.

That is what godly moms will do. God has priority over mom’s home.

On a holiday weekend, we love to get out and go places, see things, do things, but far more important is when God comes by our house. You and I need to meet with God in our homes.

And moms – this is your responsibility!

I am always amazed with what the Lord is doing. He always surprises me! His blessings are always pure and holy, and the Lord is always a kind and perfect gentlemen with what He does. He won't force Himself into your home or your life. You need to invite Him in.

Moms – MAKE ROOM FOR GOD! God wants to renew your life and to reveal Christ the “the Holy Man of God” to you in ways you cannot imagine. This is what we find in our text this morning. Let’s look closer at this scripture.

Read verse 10. Have you ever noticed how much a Mom will want to move furniture around in a house?

Guys – if you are like me, that sofa looks just fine right where it's sitting, but sometimes Moms love to redecorate. They like to paint the walls... Get a new table and chair. A new lamp to go on the table. Moms love to spruce up the place and make it more inviting.

That is the Shunamite woman in our text. She sensed the presence of God on Elisha:


• Was a great man of God.

• Was a type of Christ for you to see in this passage of scriptures.

• Was also modest & humble.

• Genuinely loved & cared for the people who he met.

• Was not the type of man to ever impose on anyone.

• Had made great sacrifices in serving God.

• Was a very hard working man of God.

In another passage of scripture, we can read about how Elisha was in a field plowing with a team of 12 oxen. Can you picture that? Elisha was working very hard, when another man of God named Elijah came to find Elisha. That “Holy Man of God”, Elijah came and threw his mantle of anointing on Elisha (while he was working). And even though Elisha was very busy, Elisha was not too busy to have time for what the Lord had for his life. Amen?

The Bible is full of stories about busy men and women.

Busy Fathers and Busy Mothers…

What I’m trying to say is some of us need to give some careful consideration this morning to MAKING ROOM FOR GOD! You may find that the Lord is really trying to bless your life in a great way, but you don’t have time or enough ROOM in your schedule/life for Him.

This next week, you may find yourself having the busiest week you have had in a long time. And then suddenly God may show up and want you to invite Him in to your busy schedule. I would suggest you find ROOM in your schedule to put God first. This week, put God ahead of everything else going on in your life.

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