Summary: A tribute to God’s Masterful Servants; Our Mothers’!

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Mothers Day

A 15 yr old boy came bounding into the house and found his mom in bed. He asked if she was sick or something. He was truly concerned! Mom replied that , as a matter of fact, she didn’t feel too well. The son replied, “Well, don’t worry about dinner, I’ll be happy to carry you down to the stove”

Modern day mothers- their day to day lives-

In Hebrew Family:

· Mother occupied a higher position than that enjoyed by women in many other nations

· Mother’s duties were primarily domestic

· She was held in the highest regard in the Hebrew nation

The Concept of Mother

· Sometimes used in more figurative ways

· Nations were sometimes thought of as “Mothers”

o Prophet Ezekiel used “Mother” as a metaphor for Israel.

o After being nurtured and cared for by their “Mother”, the” princes of Israel” brought shame upon Her by their idolatrous practices [ EZE 19 1-14]

· Jeremiah used the concept of “Israel as Mother” to personify the nations sin.

· While Hosea made it a continuing theme in his prophecies.

· The word “Mother” was also used to describe large and important cities.

o Abel of Beth- Maacha was called “A Mother of Israel” [2nd Sam 20:19]

· A city was also called “Mother” in terms of its influences on its people.

o Babylon was called “The Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth” [Rev 17:5]

The Figurative Meaning of “Mother” also included ancestry.

· Eve was the “Mother of all Living” [Gen 3:20]

· God blessed Sarah by declaring “she be the Mother of all nations. [Gen 17:16]

· Rebekah was blessed to become “the Mother of thousands of ten thousands” [Gen 24:60]

The Love and Nurturing of God is sometimes compared to

the Love and Caring a Mother gives to a Newborn Child.

· Paul referred to New Christians as “babes in Christ”

[1 Cor 3:1]

· And further implying a connection to Jesus and God as “Mother” as well as “Father”. [1st Thes. 2:7]

Mother-in-Law enjoys equal stature in the Bible.

· A classic example of a beloved Mother-in-Law is Naomi, mother-in-law to Ruth.

o In Naomi we see a beautiful representation of

§ Love, Compassion, and Sincerity.

In Mary Mother of Jesus, we see the epitome’ of Motherhood.

· We see a wonderful example of Humility.

o Nowhere in History is Mary’s name mentioned outside the scope of her Son’s presence.

o She herself was the recipient of one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.

o Yet she never sought glory or fame.

o We sadly see this great servant of God and their Son die and obscure death; a death not recorded, but glorified by the resurrected Son.

· In Mary, we see an example of absolute Purity.

o The Bible infers that she was a Pious individual.

§ [Luke 2:41]

o She was most certainly put to the test by her Jewish neighbors and peers. [Num 5:11]

In Mary, we see an absolute dedication to Her Child.

· She & Joseph were terrified when He was lost [Lk 2:48]

· After Joseph’s death, she traveled extensively with Jesus throughout His ministry [John 2:12]

· Most interesting was the relationship she had with Jesus

o Wedding feast at Canaan [John 2:1-11]

o She was firm and respectful at the same time

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