Summary: A Mother’s Day Sermon that also focuses on Graduates . Lessons that Jesus’ Mother can teach us.

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Opening: Remember the words of our mothers today:

Play fair.

Don’t follow the crowd.

Listen to your father.

Stop whining.

Don’t cross your eyes, they may stick.

Don’t do that! You may poke your eye out.

Wash your hands before eating.

Take a bath. Remember to wash behind your ears! (Very important!!)

Today we learn some important lessons from another mother – Mary, the mother of Jesus. Listen to her words…

I. Demonstrate Compassion for the Needs of Others (vs. 3)

A. Isn’t it just like a mother to worry about the needs of others!

1. This is not her family – she has no obligation to assist them.

2. She knew the disgrace involved, and even that a fine could be imposed on the family.

B. She turned to Jesus with the needs of others.

1. Jesus’ words to her indicated that He (and she) knew that He was no longer under her supervision, but would now be doing what the Father wanted Him to do.

2. Literally: “Why are you getting Me involved in this matter?”

3. She knew He was divine; she trusted Him to do what was right.

C. How can we Demonstrate Compassion for the Needs of Others?

1. Identify with the needs of others; make their needs your concern. (ex. Good Samaritan, Luke 10)

2. Take their need to Jesus – prayer.

3. Take action – get involved (next point)

II. Deliberately Point Others to Jesus (vs. 5)

A. He can take the water of legalism (Judaism; religion) and turn it into the wine of Christianity (Joy)!

1. The water pots were used to hold water for the ceremonial washing of hands and feet as guests entered for the wedding. Glorified bath water!

2. They would have been relatively empty now; hence Jesus’ command to fill them again.

B. The ‘happiness’ of the world runs out; but the joy Jesus gives is new and ever-satisfying!

1. Each water pot held approximately 20 gallons

2. Jesus supplied @ 120 gallons of wine – more than was probably provided by the groom at the beginning of the feast!

C. How can we Deliberately Point Others to Jesus?

1. Focus our lives on Him. (“It’s not all about me!”)

2. Share our testimony.

3. Publicly serve Him.

III. Display Unwavering Obedience (vs. 5b) “Whatever He says to you, do it!”

A. Faithful in the Big Things

B. Faithful in the Little Things

Do what He tells you to do!

Minister to the homeless.

Do what He tells you to do!

Follow Him to a foreign land.

Do what He tells you to do!

As you budget your time and resources.

Do what He tells you to do!

As you proclaim the Good News in your surroundings.

Do what He tells you to do!

Through the years of weddings, funerals, challenges, and crises.

In the big things.

In the little things.

In the plans for today and the dreams of tomorrow.

Do what He tells you to do!

***The servants obeyed Mary… and bath water became the talk of the town!

Conclusion: Honor your Mother

Obey Jesus

Keep Taking Baths!

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