Summary: This message illustrates the characteristics of a mother.

Scripture Reading: I John 4:7-21

Message: “Mother’s Love”

Text: “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him” (I John 4:16).


We were all created by God and brought into this world through one called “Mother”. Each one of us has an earthly mother and an earthly father.

At some period in time, two people, male and female, got together and conception took place. Planned or unplanned, that is how life started for each of us.

There may be some here who never had the opportunity to know their mothers. I say this because years ago, many people lived in the country. In those days, the doctors would make house calls and children were delivered at home.

Transportation was not as good as it is today. Paved roads and superhighways did not exist as they do at the present time. The hospitals were in the larger cities that were many miles from the farmlands. Things were not as convenient then as they are now.

When there were complications in delivery of the newborn, many times the mother would die during or after the deliver process. Infection was a major factor because antibiotics were not as prevalent as today. Sometimes the baby would die. Those babies whose mother died would be raised by the father or someone else.

Story: “I Will Die – Let My Baby Live”

(Story by Calvin S. Stanley)

I knew him as a brilliant young member of a noted family. He was studying in one of the great universities. His physical development was nearly perfect. Tall, broad-shouldered, brawny, graceful in bearing, and quick in movement, he was soon well-known as an athlete. On the field he was invincible in contest, being lion-like in his contact with opponents. But when the games were over, in the hours of study and social circles, he was found to be unusually sympathetic, considerate, and kind. In the company of young women he was always the true gentleman, a model of refinement and courtesy. And even in private he never referred to them except in the purest terms. The word Mother was most sacred to him; and whenever that word was used in his presence, he became silent: sometimes he even shed tears.

I inquired of him one day why he was so rough and lion-like in athletics and so gentle at other times, especially toward girls and women. He said, “I never like to refer to this, but my father told me that when I was being born, Mother’s case was most serious. The doctor said, ‘I cannot save them both. Decide quickly which one it shall be.’ My father stood speechless I was told, not knowing what to say. Mother, who had overheard what the doctor said, said ‘I will die: let my child live.’ Thus, mother gave her life for me!”

Those of us who have had the opportunity to know the love and affection of our mothers are very fortunate. I hesitate to say, but I am relatively sure that some of you did not have mothers who were kind and loving.

Perhaps some of you might have been abandoned by your mother. This has happened more than we would like think about.

Today, it is not uncommon for us to read or hear about a newborn baby being found in a dumpster or trash can. Sometimes a mother will wrap her baby in a blanket and place it where they know the baby will be found. In this day and age, the fire department is asking young mothers who want to give up their babies to bring them to the station and no questions will be asked. This is certainly better than destroying the baby, but it is unfortunate for the baby in that they will never have the love and affection of their maternal mother.

When these babies grow up, many of them set out to search for their maternal mother. We see these stories on television quite often. Why? They are searching because there is something very important missing in their lives. Most of the time these people do not hold a grudge or are not angry with the mother who gave them up. They merely want to find, meet, and know the missing link in their life. If I were one of these people, I would search until I found the missing love in my life.

Story: “She Felt Alone”

(From Baptist Standard)

A little girl was in an orphans’ home and it was observed that she never cried. One day one of the matrons asked her, “Why do you not cry? I have never seen you cry.” The little girl replied, “I have no one to cry to since Mamma died.”

For most of us, our mamma’s have gone on to be with the Lord. We can still cry because we are never alone.

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