Summary: Motivation is needed in our relationship with Christ.


A) A young, smart-alec cowboy was riding his horse one day and saw an old man on a mule.

* The young cowboy decided to have a little fun, so he drew his 6-shooter and told the old man

to get off the mule and dance! * He said to the old man, "Have you ever danced?"

B) Then he began to empty his revolver near the feet of the old man, laughing while he danced!

* After a few minutes, the cowboy ran out of bullets!

* The old man wiped his brow, then slowly reached into his belongings and pulled out a huge

loaded shot gun.

C) He points the shot gun at the young cowboy and says,

* "Young man, have you ever kissed a mule?"

D) The young cowboy said, "No, but I’ve always wanted to!" * That’s motivation!

* The Lord does not put a gun to our heads, but He does give us examples, direction, & principles

which relate to the subject of motivation.

(1) WHAT IS MOTIVATION? * Motivation is "that which causes action."

* In regard to human behavior, it may be fear of punishment or hope of reward - or both!

* It may be the desire to please someone, a sense of responsibility, a product of character

or attitude! * Motivation is that which causes action!

* In the story I related, looking down the business end of a shot gun was the motive behind the

action of kissing the mule!

A) Now when Jesus dealt with this subject, He was exceedingly clear!

* Sometimes the action is right but the motive is wrong! * Listen to Jesus in Matt.6:1-7

* The action of charity is right, but the motive here was wrong - "to be seen of men."

* The action of prayer is right, but in this case, the motive was "to be seen and heard by men."

B) One lesson we ought to learn from this is:

* We need to be certain that our actions are properly motivated!

* Motivation is that which causes action!

C) In regard to my work as a child of God and my life before God and man,

* I need to be sure my actions are right and that those actions are properly motivated!

* Motivation is that which causes action!

(2) WHERE DO I FIND MOTIVATION? * Motivation can be found in everybody!

A) Some folks look for motivation from their leaders in the local church!

* And it can’t be denied, when good men take the lead and do the work God has assigned to

them, their efforts will motivate us to do right!

B) Consider all that the N.T. says about the work of the leaders of the church!

* Just focus on the words used by the Holy Ghost! * Exhort, Convict, Oversee, Teach,

Lead, Taking care of the church (1Tim.3:5) and there is the term "watch" in Heb.13:17!

* Now when these men do these things, based on their faith and conviction in God’s Word,

* One effect will naturally be, we will be motivated to cooperate with them and do the work

God would have us to do!

C) But I’m afraid what some people think is "the leaders must get me to do what I’m ..."

* So, I’m not really motivated to talk to people about the gospel, yet I expect the leaders to

get me to do that! * I’m not motivated to pray, but the leaders should make me want to pray.

* I’m too busy to attend all the services, but I think the leaders should make me do that!

D) In other words, I want the leaders to take full responsibility of putting motivation in me!

* How in the world do you make people do what they don’t want to do?

* Is that the work of the leaders in the church? * Yet there seems to be this attitude, where we

present ourselves to the leaders and say to them in essence,

* "Here I am, you take over and make me what I ought to be!"

E) Ladies and gentlemen, the only way good leaders can motivate me and help me is:

* If I have already decided that I want to serve God with all my heart!

* You see, our view of motivation sometimes places all the responsibility on someone else!

* But look what it says in my text I read - "Stir up the gift of God, which is in thee ..."

F) Others seek motivation from their favorite kind of preacher! * Let me explain!

* There are different kinds of preachers, in fact, I know no two alike!

* Different personalities, different methods, different styles and mannerisms.

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