Summary: Prayer is often hard to follow through. We want to pray - we know the importance of prayer. But have you ever considered what it is needed to motivate you to pray?

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Our Need for Prayer

Matthew 5:1-12


A. This passage is a classic teaching about “What it means to be a Disciple – a Follower of Jesus.” Matt. 5-7

Jesus sits down with the crowd following Him and began to Teach them.

- vs. 1-12 – the Beatitudes; Jesus teaches them and us how we can be blessed in life.

- Vs. 13-16 – Jesus teaches them and us that to Follow Him as Lord means that we represent Him to others as Salt and Light to the World.

- Vs. 17-48; Jesus teaches them and us that though Jesus loves and accepts us His moral demands are greater than the law of the OT: Murder begins with hate; adultery begins with our lust; divorce is more than just feeling like we can’t get along anymore; Let your Yes be Yes and No, no; Forgivness – turn the other cheek and love our enemies.

- Vs.6:1-4; Giving to the needy to Others.

- Vs. 5-18; The Prayer and Fasting as a Follower of Christ.

- Vs. 19-24; our commitment and Priorities to the Eternal Kingdom and its rewards as we serve only One Master: Jesus Christ.

- Vs. 25-34; dealing with Worry and living in Faith as we seek First His Righteousness.

- Vs. 7:1-6; How we judge others but consider our own need for God’s Grace and Forgiveness.

- Vs. 7-12; Prayer as we Ask, Seek and Knock.

- Vs. 13-14; our Wanring about the Path we choose to live on because wide is the gate that leads to destruction and narrow is the gate that leads to life.

- Vs. 15-23; as Followers of Jesus we will bear fruit.

- Vs. 24-27; the challenge for a Disciple to build their lives on a sure foundation, Jesus Christ the Rock.

B. Scripture over and over challenges us with the need for Prayer in our lives.

- We see Jesus constantly taking time out to Pray.

- We see in the OT, over and over, times where God’s People individually and collectively seek the Lord in Prayer.

- We see in the NT the call for Prayer at every point of need in the church.

- we see here in this Sermon by Jesus, that teaches His Disciples what it means to truly follow Jesus as Lord – we see the call and teaching for Prayer (6:5-19, 7:7-12).

- We hear in Christian examples how prayer is an essential part of the success in their Walk with the Lord.

- And perhaps sometimes, we might even feel a sense of failure in the area of Prayer: we don’t know how, we don’t pray enough, etc.

C. But as I was studying through the Beatitudes, I not only learned how to be Blessed – but I saw two important Needs, Motivations that help me Want to Pray and seek the Lord thru Prayer.

- Perhaps everyone of these Beatitudes could be a trigger for Prayer. I.E. Mourning – Pray; not feeling Meek – Pray; Pray to be merciful to someone; Pray to be a peacemaker, etc.

- But two of the Beatitudes I find are essential in our Need for Prayer:


A. Blessed are the poor in spirit…, vs. 3. The need for Prayer comes from letting our Hearts be broken by the Realities of life.

- Poor in Spirit is direct contrast to being Self Sufficient and Spiritually Proud – Arrogant.

- I.E. When we truly see our need for the Lord, His Grace, His love, His power, His Strength – we will be drawn to Prayer.

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