Summary: Prayer is often hard to follow through. We want to pray - we know the importance of prayer. But have you ever considered what it is needed to motivate you to pray?

Our Need for Prayer

Matthew 5:1-12


A. This passage is a classic teaching about “What it means to be a Disciple – a Follower of Jesus.” Matt. 5-7

Jesus sits down with the crowd following Him and began to Teach them.

- vs. 1-12 – the Beatitudes; Jesus teaches them and us how we can be blessed in life.

- Vs. 13-16 – Jesus teaches them and us that to Follow Him as Lord means that we represent Him to others as Salt and Light to the World.

- Vs. 17-48; Jesus teaches them and us that though Jesus loves and accepts us His moral demands are greater than the law of the OT: Murder begins with hate; adultery begins with our lust; divorce is more than just feeling like we can’t get along anymore; Let your Yes be Yes and No, no; Forgivness – turn the other cheek and love our enemies.

- Vs.6:1-4; Giving to the needy to Others.

- Vs. 5-18; The Prayer and Fasting as a Follower of Christ.

- Vs. 19-24; our commitment and Priorities to the Eternal Kingdom and its rewards as we serve only One Master: Jesus Christ.

- Vs. 25-34; dealing with Worry and living in Faith as we seek First His Righteousness.

- Vs. 7:1-6; How we judge others but consider our own need for God’s Grace and Forgiveness.

- Vs. 7-12; Prayer as we Ask, Seek and Knock.

- Vs. 13-14; our Wanring about the Path we choose to live on because wide is the gate that leads to destruction and narrow is the gate that leads to life.

- Vs. 15-23; as Followers of Jesus we will bear fruit.

- Vs. 24-27; the challenge for a Disciple to build their lives on a sure foundation, Jesus Christ the Rock.

B. Scripture over and over challenges us with the need for Prayer in our lives.

- We see Jesus constantly taking time out to Pray.

- We see in the OT, over and over, times where God’s People individually and collectively seek the Lord in Prayer.

- We see in the NT the call for Prayer at every point of need in the church.

- we see here in this Sermon by Jesus, that teaches His Disciples what it means to truly follow Jesus as Lord – we see the call and teaching for Prayer (6:5-19, 7:7-12).

- We hear in Christian examples how prayer is an essential part of the success in their Walk with the Lord.

- And perhaps sometimes, we might even feel a sense of failure in the area of Prayer: we don’t know how, we don’t pray enough, etc.

C. But as I was studying through the Beatitudes, I not only learned how to be Blessed – but I saw two important Needs, Motivations that help me Want to Pray and seek the Lord thru Prayer.

- Perhaps everyone of these Beatitudes could be a trigger for Prayer. I.E. Mourning – Pray; not feeling Meek – Pray; Pray to be merciful to someone; Pray to be a peacemaker, etc.

- But two of the Beatitudes I find are essential in our Need for Prayer:


A. Blessed are the poor in spirit…, vs. 3. The need for Prayer comes from letting our Hearts be broken by the Realities of life.

- Poor in Spirit is direct contrast to being Self Sufficient and Spiritually Proud – Arrogant.

- I.E. When we truly see our need for the Lord, His Grace, His love, His power, His Strength – we will be drawn to Prayer.

- I.E. Spiritually Proud thinks that they deserve to be called children of God, to enter the Kingdom. Oh, the death of Jesus on the Cross is essential to us – but basically, “I am ok.” Instead, we see that we are not ok, that we really do need the Lord – We are drawn – Motivated to Pray!

- I.E. Poor in Spirit also reflects that any and all barriers are broken down in our lives that we find protection. We need to let God break down these barriers and truly see the reality of people dying without Christ, people starving, people being treated unjustly, the Moral decay in our society, etc.

- When we are Poor in Spirit we are broken, humbled before the Lord for our Need of Him and the need for our Society. Therefore, we find the NEED for PRAYER – to seek Him!

- I am not talking about becoming depressed and losing Hope by the Realities of lives and society – but to see the Reality as the Self Sufficiency and Spiritual Pride is broken that we are drawn to the Lord.

- Poor in Spirit is about seeing the Reality of our Need for the Lord and the reality of the Need of our society. This is our Need for Prayer!

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