Summary: A survey and summary of the book of Revelation shared as a part of the sermon series 'The Story.'

Move That Bus!

(The End Of Time)

The Story – Chapter 31

Maple Grove we made it…! Chapter 31 of The Story has arrived.

WOW, it sure took a long time but we are finally here…

I MEAN – January 13 , is a long way back.

AND LISTEN – whether you were here when we started on this journey through God’s Word (Genesis-Revelation)… OR – you joined us somewhere along the way…

TODAY – we are all @ the place, the final chapter…

YES TODAY – we get to see how The Story (God’s Story, Our Story) ends… as we take a look at the very last book in the bible Revelation.


On Thursday morning I was hanging out with a bunch of guys talking about Philippians chapter 2… We had a great discussion about the how we MUST, as Paul said in Philippians 2:5 “have the same attitude that Jesus had…”

It’s a great chapter and it was a great discussion, despite being 0600 in the morning…

AND - we spent most of the time talking about one of Jesus’ core attitudes (especially in Phil 2) was humility… NO JESUS – never demanded or clung to his rights (and as God you got a lot of rights)…

BUT INSTEAD – he constantly laid them down for the benefit of others… YEAH – Jesus was always thinking of others, putting them and their needs first… encouraging them, pouring life (not negativity) into them… what a great way to live, right?

AND – during the discussion the topic of realities shows came up and Bob said that he has no desire to watch those shows that are just full of people arguing, fighting, complaining – only looking out for themselves…

He said he would rather watch shows like… the one where a guy helps rebuild someone’s car that is in bad shape…

Yeah, I like those kind of shows too…

NOW - one of my favorites has always been Extreme Home Makeovers…YOU CAN’T – help but feel good after watching them, right? I MEAN - they come alongside a family who has really been through some difficult and is most of the time… still in the middle of them… AND - they give a new home and new hope…

AND – the high point of the show is when they bring the family back to see their new home… A huge cheering crowd is gathered and all that stands in the way of their new home is a what? A bus…

AND THEN - Ty Pennington asks them, “so, do you want to see your new home… then you know what to say…”

‘Move That Bus!’

I want to show a brief clip of what that looked for the Powell Family… A single mom of 4… who immigrated from Jamaica in order to give her children a better life… Working multiple jobs she eventually was able to buy a home in her city (Buffalo NY)… and once in the home she worked to not only fix up her home but the homes around her…

BUT – shortly after being there she finds out they she had been ripped off by the seller… her home is in really bad shape…

IN FACT – is was on a list to be demolished because so much was not up to code…


Wow… is that some awesome stuff, or what?

Love it!

Man, the look on all of their faces? Wow!

AND MG – do you know what? I can’t wait to see the same thing happen to you. When your Heavenly Father ‘moves the bus’ and unveils to you for the very first time, the home (the forever) that He is right at this very moment preparing for you as a Jesus-Follower.

NOW – I am not sure if there is going to be an angel that is going to say, “Move That Bus!” BUT OH – the expression on our faces when you and I see it for the first time…



IN THAT MOMENT – every headache, heartache and hassle we have had in this life will melt like ice on a July sidewalk.

AND – it’s going all be MORE THAN worth it!

THIS – is the promise of the book of Revelation. The promise that in the end, God wins! AND THAT – as His people (in the end, when all is said and done)… we win too!

The message of Revelation is that…

• It’s tough now.

• It’s difficult now.

• It’s challenging now.

• It’s not fair now.

• There’s hunger now.

• There’s hurt now.

• There’s pain now.

• There’s disease now.

• There’s family break ups and conflict now

• There’s orphans now.

• There’s evil now.

• There’s sin now…

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