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Summary: Barnabus & Saul Sent off and opposition at Cyprus. (Powerpoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

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(A). Making the Move: A Need (vs 1-3)

• The City (VS 1).

• The Believers (Vs 1).

• The Holy Spirit (vs 2-3).

(B). Making the Move: An Adventure (vs 4-12)

• A Good Beginning (vs 3-5).

• A Unique Island (Vs 4b-5a).

• A Difficult Experience (vs 6-10).



• I remember one time when we were moving house;

• And when I looked under the bed I found a box under the bed,

• I pulled it out and looked inside,

• Where I finds two eggs and about 8,000 pounds.

• So I asked my wife Penny what the eggs are for,

• And she replies,

• "Every time I you preach a boring sermon on you I put an egg in the box".

• So I am thinking,

• "That's not bad, in all my years of ministry I’ve only preached badly twice."

• So then I ask here, so what’s all the money is for.

• And she replies, "Well, every time I got a dozen eggs I sold them!"


• People move house for a variety of reasons;

• For some it’s because of a new job.

• For others to be closer to family members.

• Some the need is for more space,

• Some fly the nest or move to a bigger place to accommodate a growing family.

• Or may be for less space as the offspring leave home.

• To some the move is improve life - a better district, or to escape a tricky situation.

• There are many reasons both good and bad for moving.

Note: Regarding moving:

• Christians can add another key factor into the equation:

• God.

• i.e. I spent the first 24 years of my life in the same house (I was even born there!),

• Then when God called me into full-time Christian ministry;

• For reasons I will not go into now;

• But I experienced living in six different homes in the next two years.

This morning we are going to see in Acts chapter 13 this principle of God moving people:

• Perfectly illustrated in the book of Acts,

• Acts is a book of movement:

• It is a book of shallow tent pegs, as people are travelling here and there,

• Setting off in one direction or another in response to God’s call.


• William Phelps taught English literature at Yale University for forty-one years;

• Until his retirement in 1933.

• One year just before Christmas he was marking an examination paper,

• Phelps came across the note: "God only knows the answer to this question. Merry Xmas"

• Phelps returned the paper with this note:

• "God gets an A. You get an F. Happy New Year."

• Well, God alone knows when, where and why we might move in the future,

• Wise people move with God, they do not fight against his will!

• Acts chapter 13 is a great example of;

• When God clearly says it is time to move on!


• The book of Acts is one of the few Bible books,

• That first gives us the outline to the book;

• And then gives us the content of the book.

Let me remind you of the outline (Acts chapter 1 verse 8):

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