Summary: Coughs and colds are not diseases. Just like these symptoms, miracles are not everything. They point us to something greater than them. Find out what are those more greater than miracles.

Coughs and colds are not diseases. Just like these symptoms,miracles are not everything. They point us to something greater than them. Find out what are those things which are more greater than miracles.


Matthew’s narrative of this healing moved Jesus to do the miracle because of the faith of the men and the paralytic himself. As you can see, it is faith of the men that touched the heart of Jesus to address the "real" issue of the sickness of the man.

Jesus directed the cause of the sickness itself. And the cause of the malady? Sin. He took the disease on the root. Moral evil has been the cause of all natural evil in the world.

Of course, the teachers of the religious law could not agree with Jesus. It is blasphemy in their own understanding. It means to say that Our Lord is hurting the piety of God itself. Can God do that to Himself? Can He insult Himself? Definitely not! Their reasoning is correct, but they knew not who He really is. That is why He ask the question;"Why are you thinking such evil thoughts? Is it easier to say,’Get up and walk’? I WILL PROVE THAT I, THE SON OF MAN,HAVE THE AUTHORITY ON EARTH TO FORGIVE SINS." He proved it by working a miracle expressly confirming the claim. It follows therefore, by this work of miracle, that He is Divine, making Himself equal with God.

Let’s go back to the question of our Lord Jesus. Which is easier, to say;"your sins are forgiven or get up and walk?" Many would say to perform a miracle is harder! But I would rather say that to do a miracle is easier because it took Jesus to leave the comforts and confines of heaven and the power of Divinity to come in the fullness of time,born under the Law, subjected in the rudiments of the manger, of the carpenter’s home, live as a Man, suffered the rigors of the Cross and declared;"Father,forgive these people,because they don’t know what they are doing"(Luke23:34).It takes a Man to redeem man. A Man to forgive all the sins of men.

Today, is there any among you here, who is still harboring hatred in your heart? Bitterness in your relationship? I say unto you... release yourself from such feelings. Before any great miracle could happen in your life...Forgive. Forgive your loved-ones, acquit yourself from the hurts of the past. And also exonerate even God. For many times we question Him, whenever we don’t understand His workings in our life. Forgive people, yourself and God.

Then, we could experience miracles in our life. Forgiveness is more important than miracle. It is hard to do, but being forgiven by the works of Jesus in the cross two thousand years ago... it is now possible!

You can now address the issue in the roots. Just like what Jesus had shown.

Prepare yourself for a miracle.


"I will prove that I, the Son of Man, have the authority on earth to forgive sins.Then Jesus turned to the paralyzed man and said,Stand up, take your mat and go on home, because you are healed!"(v.6).

This scene as for me, is a depiction of sin and redemption...The paralytic impersonate the state of all sinners, helpless. The Word of Jesus is the grace to change, the power to comply. Only the Word that is from the beginning can change a sinful life. The spiritual significance of the miraculous healing is far more important than what meets the eye of those who are carnal. Yes the man was healed. But, what’s more noteworthy from that time on is that the healed man would no longer be a burden to his family, his confidence restored, and most of all, he can perform a life of a true human being. A man who can once more do what a man should do.This is God’s dream for all of man since Genesis 1:26.

Jesus came to our lives so that the dominion of man can be restored to Him. Our souls are rebuilt once more to the original longings of finding God. I am sure that this paralytic, when he heard the authoritative voice of "Stand up!"? He could not do anything but to stand up! In his weakness is God’s strength. This is my prayer for all of you today.

You would hear once more His powerful and authoritative voice. A voice always ready to change the innermost being of our life!

His voice more than enough than any miracle we could ever dream of. If you could hear this command? Then, you are ready for a miracle!

You are forgiven.

You have been given the Authoritative command to change. Then change you must as you heard His Word of Life today. Stand up. Walk out of the mire you are in. Go home, for from now on..."you and your household will be save."

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