Summary: A brief sermon on #6 of the Ten Commandments!

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Murder- Exodus 20:13

Evening Service for 3/9/2003


A. King James did not do justice to this commandment. Thou shalt not kill. PETA likes to use this. However, it refers to a human being taking the life of another human being, murder.

A. Started soon after the fall. Cain and Abel

B. There are different forms of murder. The Old Testament Law, like our laws, talks about 1st and 2nd degree murders. Also talks about manslaughter.

1. 1st degree- Premeditated, thought out murder.

2. 2nd degree- In a moment of passion or hostility one murders another. Not premeditated.

3. Manslaughter- The unlawful killing of one human being by another without express or implied intent to do injury.

4. The victim’s relatives were to avenge the blood of someone who murdered; they were to take his life. The murderer was to go to a city of refuge (6 in Israel) and the elders and priests at this city were to decide in a trial the fate of this murderer. If it was found out that he was guilty of 1st or 2nd degree murder, he was to be delivered to the avengers and they were to take his life. If it was found out that he was just guilty of manslaughter, then he was to stay in the city of refuge for the rest of his days. He was not mistreated but he was punished for his negligence.

D. By nature the world knows that it is wrong to take another human beings life. Every culture has laws against murder.

Thesis: Let’s talk about what this commandment implies. Then, let’s talk about one of the root causes of murder.

For instances:

1. What this commandment implies.

A. The sanctity of human life.

B. At the very foundation of our society is the sovereignty of God that is over every individual life. Life is a divine creation, mysterious and magnificent, utterly beyond the control or comprehension of any human being. It is, therefore, never to be taken at the will of one who can by no means know the full meaning of its being.

C. We do not know the purposes for a human life, and to terminate a single life is to set up the wisdom of man as superior to that of God.

D. There is no sin against humanity that is greater than that of taking life.

E. Life, being a gift from God, is in itself the most wonderful relationship, that of man to God. This Commandment, therefore, in simplest words, flings a Law around the life of every human being, reserving to God who first gave it the right to end it.

F. Euthanasia:

1. Doctor Kevorkian. So much pain, be better off dead. The stories of family members who helped mother or father die because couldn’t bear to see them in pain. When is it right to end life to end the pain? Why does God let that go on?

2. We now have machines that will keep a person’s body alive long after they are brain dead. When is it right to take the machines off? How about people in a coma?

3. The right to die movement.

4. The devaluing of older people. They are a burden. Put them in a nursing home. Put them to death.

5. We either believe that life is cheap, or we believe that life is precious and needs to be protected.

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