Summary: This "God of Wonders" that created this universe and placed all these stars into place is a star-breathing God. How big is the universe? Is our God really that much bigger?

My God is Bigger Than Your God

Psalm 33:4-9

January 11, 2008

Grandma was rushing her two grandkids ages five and three out to the car from shopping when five year old Jason spoke up.

“Grams, Susie put something in her pocket in the store.”

After a quick investigation, Grams discovered that Susie had picked up some pretty red barrettes and liking them put them into her pocket. Grams explained that how that was stealing and took them back inside so Susie could put them back.

“I sorry gwams. I didn’t mean to steal.”

“That’s okay. Now you do. We’ll put them back. Besides I forgot to get something so now I can get that too and we’ll be done.”

At the register, the young girl asked the kids, “Have you been good so Santa will come?”

“I’ve been really good,” said Jason, “But my sister just robbed the store.”

This week I want to share with you a conception of God. We are going to talk this week and then in a different fashion in two weeks about the greatness of God. It is about how big and awesome our God is. My hope is that you will enlarge your concept of God and perhaps be inspired to move deeper into your relationship and maybe inspire you to greater depths of worship. I hope to inspire a sense of trust in this God we serve and hope in whatever situations and trials that you might be facing either now or in the future.

The title is, “My God is bigger than your God.” This is the idea of two kids that are debating whose Dad is bigger and better. “My dad is better than your dad.” “Well, my dad can beat up your dad.” “Cannot.” “Can too.”

I think that sometimes religious people might argue about their concepts of God in this fashion. Sometimes between different religions and sometimes between Christians. My god is better because he loves everyone. My god is better because he is perfect. My god is bigger than the world. My god is bigger than the solar system. My god is bigger than the universe. Well, my god can beat your god up and one day he will soon.

So as I share today, I share not because I have it all figured out but because I haven’t. I am going to share some information so that we might grow a little bit in just how magnificent and big and awesome and great our God is.

We heard from Psalm 33 earlier. Verse 6 something very interesting. By the word of the Lord were the heavens made. Not by hands or tools but by a word. It then says that God breathed out the stars. Did you know that we have a fire-breathing God? Isn’t that what a star is? Our sun is a star that is basically a ball of fire. It is awesome. Here is a picture.

Now our earth is pretty huge right? From orbit with the naked eye, you can’t see buildings or cars let alone people. You can’t even see people from an airplane with any significant height let alone from space.

I have something here. Do you know what this is? A golf ball not a walnut, right Duane? If I were to hit this and hit it well, you probably would never see it again. Not because I’m so good because it would end up in the woods or a lake or something.

Let’s pretend that this is the earth. The sun is a million times bigger than the earth. If we compare our golf ball earth to the sun, 960,000 golf balls would fill up that sun. That is enough to fill up a school bus.

Anyone know how far the earth is from the sun? Mike knew this answer. 96 million miles. How long does it take the light from the sun to reach your skin? How long does it take light to travel 93 million miles? Only eight minutes.

How fast does light travel? 187,000 miles per second. That’s fast. Remember that!

Now remember, God breathed out our sun. His word put the earth in its orbit around the sun. But this is really nothing. Our sun is one of between 200 and 400 billion other suns in our galaxy. What is our galaxy called? Milky way.

Now I want to show you a picture. This is a picture of a galaxy. Not our galaxy… Think about it. How would we ever get a picture of our galaxy like this. This the whirlpool galaxy, which known as the darling of astronomy. There are about 300 billion stars here. It is not the hot tub galaxy. So in our galaxy and the whirlpool galaxy (far, far away), there are (not Star Wars) but as many as 700 billion stars. Yet our galaxy is one of hundreds of billions of other galaxies. A pretty big universe, right?

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