Summary: God's provision when we are facing our Life's battle


a. The highlights of the movie is when there was a conflict happens between the two major characters. The movie was become exciting when there is conflicts. Same true with our christian life, the highlights of our life is when we faced life's battles. But unlike in most movies we know that the major character always win the battle. but how about our personal life's battle, are we sure that we always win our life's battle? what is our assurance about it?

b. Here in Psalms 23:5, these verse is the very highlight of these chapter, because the shepherd face his enemies. But the good news is, there is an assurance here of our Good Shepherd which is our God, for our victory.

c. What is the duty of our Good Shepherd here when we faced our battles in life?

Answer: Psalms 23:5 "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over."

d. What is meant of these phrase " thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies?"

B. Body



1. a table is a place of our food supplies, which give us nourishment, energy, comfort and wholeness.

2. Jesus prepared a table before us in the presence of our enemies, because3 He is our good shepherd in John 10:11. it means everything was prepared. All that we need for our battle was prepared in the table. What we need to do is sit down and partake those things hat was prepared in the table for us.


1. What we need to do? Take from the table prepared for us. Take everything that we need, use it, and apply it in our lives.

2. It was prepared by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Table is the victory of our Lord Jesus on the cross calvary. He accomplish everything on the cross so that we lack nothing now.


1. What we need today in the presence of our enemies?

a. Do we need strength to stand up and face them? Take that strength from the table God prepares for you.

b. Do we need hope? Hope is available in the table of our Lord Jesus Christ.

c. Do we need love? take from the table.

d. do we need victory? its done!

2. It means you don't need to fight for your victory, because victory is finished by our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, just believe you are victorious.

a. Just stand on victory ground. ( Romans 8: 35-38)



1. When someone arranged and prepare a table in our home it means there is an occasion to celebrate.

2. In every battle that we faced Jesus assured us our victory because He is already prepared a table for us for our celebration. Before we faced our battle the assurance for our victory was already there - the table that was prepared for our celebration.


1. our every battle has a corresponding celebration prepared by our Lord Jesus Christ. The celebration that was prepared is always something good to happen. That's why every battle is a blessing!

a. Are you fighting with poverty? Celebrate because the celebration for victory against that poverty was prepared already!

b. Are you fighting with your sickness or illness? The celebration for victory against that sickness was prepared already!

c. Are you in prison with your past? Party was prepared for the victory of your freedom from your past!

d. Are you afraid of the evil plans and schemes in your life? celebration was prepared for victory party against all evil schemes in your life! No evil can harm you....


1. How can we face our enemies and stand in front of them boldly? Through the oil and cup that overflows that was given freely to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

a. anoint with oil - means to refresh and gives comfort to the body. Jesus always energize us when we feel weak in front of our enemies. He refreshes us when we feel dry. he gives us comfort and embrace us when we feel discourage, disappointed and fall down. Jesus anoint our head with oil every time we hear a message about Him, every time we sing praises and worship for Him, and every time we read His words.

b. "my cup runneth over"- means the cup is our life and the wine that overflows is abundance in everything. Jesus gives us Life abundant in everything.

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