Summary: We are God’s masterpiece! That tells us a lot about our identity!

TEXT: Ephesians 2:10

TITLE: How God Views Me (Identity part 2)

SERIES: Identity

TOPIC: Identity in Christ

OCCASION: November 2, 2008

PROP.: We are God’s masterpiece! That tells us a lot about our identity!

INTRODUCTION: Good morning! (The dangers of mistaken identity!)

This past week, on CNN’s website this past week there was a story about a young man who was 20 years old and was shot to death by police. Julian Alexander of Anaheim California was sleeping inside his home Tuesday night until he heard some noises that woke him up. Julian went outside to see what the commotion was. The commotion was made when police were chasing 4 teenage suspects in Julian’s neighborhood. As Julian came out of his house holding a wooden rod, police thought he was one of the suspects who was armed and shot him; killing him.

I was interested in this tragic story because it reminds me the importance of identity! The importance of being recognized and known for who you are!

So many people are struggling with the questions of WHO AM I? And who am I CREATED TO BE? So many are trying to be something they aren’t and something they were never created to be!

And so again, we focus on our sermon series about Identity. Last week, we encouraged you to remove the mask; to be yourself pleading with you to put off any façade; reminding you that you are not perfect, you do not have all the answers, you aren’t like anyone else and you are an unfinished product. These four facts about yourself should allow you some relief and allow you to be yourself while you are growing up and growing deeper in the Lord.

Today, I want to know that your identity is NOT found in what you do. (your job, your profession) Your identity is not found in what you own. Your identity is given to you by your creator!! Let me say that again…Listen to me this time:

Your identity is given to you by your creator!

WHO CREATED YOU? Come on…answer it out. WHO CREATED YOU?

This whole sermon is based on the foundation of the truth contained in Ephesians 2:10!

As an artist gives a painting it’s identity or a sculpture it’s shape and form…so does the master creator give us our identity as created beings made by God!

Ephesians 2:10

You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works..”

ILLUSTRATION: How many of you have ever received a picture drawn by one of your kids? How many have ever received a picture from one of your kids and you didn’t know what it was supposed to be? And so if you wanted to know what it was, you go to the creator and ASK! You didn’t go to your kid and tell THEM what it was meant to be. You asked them what it was they drew.

So it is with God. The creator gives His creation their identity! And the world will look at us and not be able to tell what we’re supposed to be…and you may be wondering what you’re supposed to be…go to your creator and ask!!!

1st Corinthians 12 says: “He gave some to be apostles…some to be prophets…some to be teachers…some to be preachers…some to be givers…etc. etc. etc.”

Go to God to determine your identity!

T.S.: Since you are God’s workmanship…since you are a masterpiece, that should tell me and you something about our identity. Please understand and know three facts concerning your identity…


ILLUSTRATION: I did a search for the most expensive paintings that have ever been sold. I couldn’t believe what I found:

The most expensive painting from this report done back in 2005; was for a painting entitled: Number 5, 1948. It was painted by Jackson Pollock an American painter known for his contributions to the abstract expressionist movement. The painting was done on an 8’ x 4’ sheet of fiberboard, with thick amounts of brown and yellow paint drizzled on top of it, forming a nest-like appearance.

It sold in 2005 at a private sale for $140 MILLION dollars! Would you like to see it? I thought so.

Not much to look at is it? By the way…I think I inserted the picture upside down…can you tell?

And the nicest thing I can say about it is: Well…it’s a one of a kind.

It are the things in life which are rare…which are a one of a kind…that are considered masterpieces!

And can I just say you are considered a masterpiece because YOU ARE UNIQUE!

A. In the way you look!

The world’s population is 6.6 billion people! Not two people look exactly the same!

I realize that is a number that is difficult to grasp. So let’s deal with this room! The population in this place today is around 200 people. Even in our small country church, it’s blatantly obvious that we are unique in the way we look.

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