Summary: Are we truly living out that we believe about Jesus Christ?

Please have a bulletin and a pen. I’d like you to write down your answer to this question: “Who is Jesus Christ to you personally?”

We’ll come back to this question after we study our passage this morning. Open your Bibles to Mark 8…. Read along with me v27-33…..

What can we note from this passage? In v27-29: Jesus confronts His disciples personally! “Who do you say I am?”

Peter who became the leader of the disciples answered boldly, “You are the Messiah.”

Messiah means Savior!

Now, if the gospel is to be told to all, any idea why Jesus would say what He said in v30??

The disciple’s definition of Messiah was not yet the same as Jesus’ definition of Messiah!

It was not the right time yet.

The disciples were looking for a Messiah who would rescue them from their oppression from Roman rule and the burden of religion! The disciples saw Jesus at this point as the one who would take away all their troubles in life!

This is of course what happened in v31-33.

Because Jesus knew that the disciples did not yet have a full understanding of the promised Messiah, we note in

v31-32: Jesus spoke plainly and tried to teach the disciples that He, the Messiah, must suffer and die first but would rise again!

But what did Peter the leader of the disciples do to Jesus??

Peter, representing the disciples, confronted Jesus about what He was saying!

Peter confronted God! What should happen when you confront God??

We read in v33 how God Jesus Christ responded to Peter’s accusation!

v33: Jesus rebuked Peter and called him evil!

But let us not miss the beauty and love of God; Jesus explained to Peter his problem so he can remedy himself!

Peter actually did not listen to Jesus, therefore he did not have the concerns of God! Peter was depending on his own wisdom instead of God’s!

What about us today?

If we truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we should expect Him to confront us personally because He desires the best for us!

1. Jesus states in Revelation 3:19, “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent!”

How earnest are we in responding to God’s rebuke?

Now, let’s refer to how we answered the question “Who is Jesus Christ to me?” Many of us probably wrote that “Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord!” or something similar.

Now, is it possible that we are just like Peter who had his definition of Messiah instead of God’s definition.

2. Do we use our own wisdom in claiming who Jesus Christ is or truly daily live out what the Bible says about Christ?

3. When we say Jesus is our Savior, do we really see ourselves belonging to heaven now and forever?

Part of the armor we are to always put on is the Helmet of Salvation; i.e. constantly see ourselves as Citizens of heaven! Do we?

4. When we say Jesus is our Lord, do we really think and act under submission to Him with everything?

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