Summary: Welcome to the month of Living for Jesus. I trust you are enjoying summer as we are doing even in Canada, a nation that is known for severe cold weather.

Welcome to the month of Living for Jesus. I trust you are enjoying summer as we are doing even in Canada, a nation that is known for severe cold weather. I remember reading 'Word for Today' by Bob Gas prior to my coming to Canada where he wrote 'There are two seasons in Canada July and winter.' Summer or winter, as you purpose to make a fresh decision to live for Jesus this month, as you encounter Jesus afresh this month I pray the manifold blessings that follow those who live for him will characterize your entire being in Jesus name. One of the scriptures that delights me about Jesus is in Acts 10:38.' He went about doing good.' As Jesus is going about doing good this month, your house will not be passed over it shall be visited. Your business shall be visited but more than anything your spirit shall be visited. A new sense of urgency and fervency to love the Lord will come over you. As a matter of fact from this month you will forever be on honeymoon with Jesus. I pray for you this month, all that has made you to be living for Jesus without a spirit of commitment will disappear in Jesus name.

Categories of people you can live for

There are three categories of people you can live for, yourself, Satan or God (Christ). Living for yourself is about just being moral. You don't rock the boat. You don't go out to commit obvious crime; you convince yourself you don't need Christ. What will Christ do for me? I am fine Jack! Most Countries in the western world, Europeans, Americans, Canadian, Some Asian nations, Chinese and irreligious people are in these category. As far as they are concerned, they don't need God. Hospital bills are government funded robust health care system. Those who are jobless are on welfare , even if they do not work government pays them, the environment is serene, the infrastructure are in place nursing mothers are giving child support, children can go to school for free until Grade 12, good roads, steady power supply and healthy economy. Why do you need God? And so over ninety percent of people in these nations don't care about going to church or 'living for Christ.'

The second category totally gives their life to Satan. Such talk about the synagogue of Satan, Church of Satan. They belong to occults, some are voodooists, wizards and witches, they suck blood, belong to fraternities, 'ogbonies' and they kill people and do all the evil and weird things. They tell you if there is hell that is where they want to go. They sell their soul to the devil.

The third category is those who recognize that God made them, they are not evolutionists, atheists or agnostics, and they recognize that someone made them, they recognize their sinful nature, and they also want a way out of their sins. In the process they get to know about the redemptive work of Christ on Calvary and they embrace it, they are not perfect but they continuously learn about the Master-Jesus Christ. We leant early in physics there is a corresponding reaction to every action. Who you live for will determine where you will spend eternity in hell or heaven. Unfortunately while living for yourself may seem a lesser evil than living for Satan there are two destinations we are all destined for Hell or Heaven and only one of these routes leads to heaven- Living for Christ. Jesus says "For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me." John 6:38

How do we live for Christ?

I know what is agitating your mind will be how do I live for Christ? It reminds me of when Peter preached in Acts Chapter Two and the peoples heart were melted and they asked 'Men and brethren what shall we do'? He said 'repent and be baptized in the Holy Ghost.' It is the same scenario that is being replayed here. I hear the Spirit saying 'repent and rededicate your life for Jesus.' It is obvious that before we talk about living for Jesus you must have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Have you? Why Not? Do it now before reading the remaining part of this article. There are many ways to teach on how to live for Christ but permit me to use just two., namely: scripturally and experientially

How to live for Christ - Scripturally.

Living for Jesus was uppermost in the mind of many writers if not all the writers but time and space will not allow us to look at all of them. Let us single out Paul, whom you will agree with me spent most of his writings explaining the nitty-gritty of how to live for Jesus. Spending his time explaining to both Gentiles and Jews not just how to move from law to grace, but from idolatry and Judaism to Christ. Let us look at the mind of Paul when he was writing to The Galatians and Thessalonians:

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