Summary: A list of things that I will never try to do again. Power Point is available upon request


A) God works all things out for those who love Him.

* Nothing could assure the believer any more than God working

all things out for his good.

* There are several things in our text that I want to really expound on .......

B) First: The words “all things” go well beyond the great events

of the world.

* God does control the events of the world, but He controls much more.

C) He rules over all things – That means all the events and happenings

that occur in the life of the believer.

* He works all things out for good in behalf of His dear child.

D) Second: The words “work together” means to create and eliminate,

place and replace, connect and group, shape and forge .......

* Press and stretch, move and operate, control and guide, arrange and influence.

E) The words “work together” are also present action, which means that

all things are continually working together for good.

* God is in control of the believer’s life ... Daily – Moment by moment,

God is arranging and rearranging all things for the believer’s good.

F) Third: The word “good” means for the ultimate good.

* We can’t see the future, and we can’t see the results of the events

in our lives.

* But God does, therefore, God takes all the events of our lives and works

them out for our ultimate good.

G) Fourth: There is, however, a limitation on this glorious promise

that desperately needs to be noted – And that is .......

* God works all things out for good ONLY to those who love God,

and are called according to His purpose.

H) The original Greek puts the phrase “to those who love God”

at the first of the sentence .......

* “And we know that, to those who love God,” all things work together

for good.”


A) God only looks after the affairs of the person who loves Him.

* Think about it – If a man doesn’t love God – Doesn’t place his life into

the hands of God, how can God take care of him?

B) If a man turns his back and walks away from God, how can God

look after him?

* God is not going to force His care upon any of us ... He’s not gonna

make mechanical robots out of us, forcing us to live at His beck and call.

C) What God wants is love that flows from a heart that chooses to love Him.

* The choice is ours ... We either turn our lives over to Him in love, or we

continue to take our lives into our own hands.

D) Another verse we want to look at is v.37 .......

* Who can be more than a conqueror? ... He that cannot be conquered.

* But mark this well in your Bible, in your mind, and in your heart .......

E) We are not conquerors through our own strength or ability .......

* We are conquerors through our Lord Jesus Christ.

F) This is where I want to begin my message: “My Never Again List.”

(1) NEVER AGAIN WILL I CONFESS “I CAN’T,” FOR Philippians 4:13


A) I get so tired of hearing people say, “I can’t live it.”

* That’s a lie from hell ... I can’t is the brother of I don’t want to.

* Jesus said in John 16:33 “In the world ye shall have .......”

* And we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ.

B) Jesus took the devil by the hair of the head, and drug him by the

demons and said, “Look at your boss now, I’ve conquered him.”

* That word “conquered” means crushed, destroyed.

C) What we need is persistence – Persistence comes in a can – “I can.”

* Quit looks good – Persistence never thinks of quitting.

D) Marriages are quitting ... There are no perfect marriages.

* There are no perfect husbands, perfect wives, or perfect children.

E) Christians are quitting – Matt. 24:12-13 “And because iniquity .......”

* Apostle Paul and his trials – 2 Cor. 11:23-33 – Acts 14, Stoned – Left for dead.

* Went back to the same city and said, “I didn’t get to finish my sermon.”

* Don’t quit – Endure – Gal. 6:9 “And let .......” Rev. 2:10 “Be thou .......”

F) Hell is throwing the kitchen sink at us and we are still victorious.

* Jesus didn’t die for you to be comfortable ... So take up your cross.

G) We need a bulldog faith ... A bulldog’s nose is slanted back so he can

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