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2 Cor. 13:5

To Reflect - To turn or throw back as rays of light, heat or sound.

- To think carefully or ponder

- To be mirrored as to give back an image

 Reflection is a major key to adult learning – Jam. 1:22ff; 2 Cor. 3:17ff.

 It helps us to see how “we” really are.

 Proper reflection is a product of the word.

1. Our policies or principles or doctrines must emanate from the word not from our experiences.

 The word of God, not our experiences, must stand as our mirror.

 Experience is primarily a tool to teach “others” not the individual going through the experience.

 To benefit from your experiences you must be a student of what the word says about them.

 Experience aids in the process of reflection but it is not the best teacher.

 The Holy Spirit is the best teacher and His text book is the word.

 My reflections have to do with me judging my experiences in the light of the word – not judging the word in the light of my experiences.

2. Passion is a must for success.

 You cannot sell a product you are not convinced about – Philemon 6.

 People need a model to see more than a motto to say.

 Your “passion” is demonstrated by your presence.

Two types of presence:

Spiritual – Col. 2; 1 Cor. 5 – being consumed with the vision/projects

Physical – Showing up

 You can be physically present and not spiritually present but you cannot be spiritually present and not be physically present unless limited by time and space.

 Spiritual Presence is more important; however you need to be both.

3. No man can succeed alone – Ex. 18; Eph.4:16; Ps. 122:1ff.

 Partnership is the key to success.

 God calls us alone but never works us alone – Is. 51.

 It is easier to fail alone than to succeed alone.

 No man no matter how anointed can do God’s work alone.

 As big as God is – He still invited you to help Him – 2 Cor. 6:1ff.

 How big are you not to need help?

4. Negotiate everything.

 We are all “buyers and sellers” – Is. 24.

 All businesses operate by rules and regulations.

 The only rules that cannot be regulated are those that cannot mutually benefit the company and the customer.

 Negotiation is founded on the concept of mutual benefit or partnership.

 Selfishness has no room in it.

 It revolves around the principle of motivation not manipulation.

Motivation – moving together for mutual advantage.

Manipulation – moving together for my advantage.

Negotiation is reflected in the following words:

 Networking

 Compromise – there is a positive side to this

 Synergy – you don’t have or know it all so stay humble. If you are not humble you will stumble.

The world says give and take.

The word says giving and receiving – Phil. 4:15.

Entering the “negotiation table” primarily with what you can offer makes you:

 Credible

 An asset – not a liability

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