Summary: The inevitability and importance of of the influence we have in the lives of others


As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. (Acts 5:15)

Introduction: The Need For Shadows.

· There is much heartache, suffering , & weariness in the world.

· The suffering are waiting for someone to pass their way and cast a shadow of compassion their way.

· The cripple man looked to Peter & John because he believed they could help.

· The downtrodden, the oppressed, the sad, the lonely, the discouraged, the sinning the needy, all look to us expecting a blessing

· They have a right to. After all, we call ourselves “Christians”.

To be like JESUS, To be like JESUS,

All I ask is to be like Him,

All through life journey from earth to Glory,

All I ask is to be like Him.

· Let us determine today to cast a good shadow. We may not have this opportunity with some again.

The bread that giveth strength, I want to give;

The water pure that bids the thirsty “live!”

I want to help the fainting day by day,

Because I shall not pass again this way.

1. My shadow is Inevitable.

· Regardless of our stature, we all cast a shadow.

· Rich & poor cast a shadow.

· Believers & non-believers cast a shadow.

· A father walking through a freshly plowed field saw his small son stretching to step in his daddy’s footprints.

· Our shadow is inevitable, but is it for good or evil?

· Two teenage boys who had heard an infidel speak were talking on their way home. One said. “He swept everything before him, and didn’t leave Christians a leg to stand on”. The other responded, “There one thing he didn’t tough; my Mother’s religion”.

2. My shadow is silent.

· Many things we do in public: preach, teach, pray, sing, testify…

· But our greatest influence is in the life we live.

· Many years ago in England a book was published entitled, John Inglefant. The book was a flop. Only 100 copies could be disposed of, and 60 of those were given to the author. One day William Gladstone, Prime Minister of Britain, was to sit for a photograph. To make the photo more realistic, the photographer asked Gladstone to hold a book, as if he were reading it. The official photo was released and people all over England and the world saw Gladstone reading John Inglefant. There was a run on them at the book stores and several new editions sold out.

3. My shadow depicts me.

· Our lives tell people more about us than our words.

We are writing a gospel as we live each day,

By the deeds that we do, and the words that we say.

Men read that gospel whether faithless or true,

What is the “Gospel According to You”.

· (2 Cor 3:2) Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:

· In Acts 5, the people knew the character of Peter, and wanted his influence in their life for good.

· Our shadow depicts us, whether good, or bad.

· In Chili there is a tree that provides a soothing shade from the heat of the tropical sun, but poison sap ooze from its bark. People who are unaware often sit under the tree for relief and end up with swollen faces, or hands, and some times death.

· 2 lessons: (1) Don’t let your shadow poison other; & (2) Don’t sit under the influence of own who’ll poison your doctrine, attitude, trust on God, or your faith in people.

4. My shadow is indestructible.

· Once we have cast an influence, we cannot take it back.

· One wretched soul cried out on his death bed, “Oh! That my influence could be gathered up and buried with me.”

· Over 100 years after John Wesley had preached in one small village, a nobleman stopped in the village for a drink, and couldn’t find a place that sold liquor.

5. My Shadow lengthens.

· As we live our lives, our influence touches more and more people.

6. My shadow should bless.

· Our shadow should caused the downhearted to look up, and should cause the discouraged to take new heart.

There are loyal hearts;

There are spirits brave;

There are souls that are pure and true;

Then give to the world the best you have;

And the best will come back to you.

7. I cast the best shadow when I am in the proper relation to the Light.

· Those who live in darkness can cast no shadow for good.

· JESUS is the light of the world.

· Walk with Him and cast your shadow for good.

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