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I call myself as “The Born Again”, for I have discovered a new way of life, with newer attitudes and priorities, and renewed zest for Living. I am proud to call myself "Born Again Believer".

The world would call me converts to Christianity. My conversion is not a change of religion; but a transformation for life; complete reformation of thinking; a revamp of attitudes; complete metamorphosis of the heart; re-alignment of our priorities and change in life-style.

Why? Simply because I discovered a faith and hope for eternity.

I was born Hindu/Brahman. My family is Orthodox Hindu. I guess that would make me high-caste Hindu. My Family is educated, middle class who earns the bread through priestly works in temple. The general perspective is that only those from tribes, the poor, the uneducated, and people from the lower castes choose Jesus Christ. But that is not the case with Me, as I have freely chosen to become follower of Jesus Christ. For the record, no one has financially induced or threatened or deceived me into converting to Christianity.

I am proud of India, my country, my Culture, heritage and identify myself as patriotic Indian .

To make the work of Christ very much clear here I,Sumit, need to go back to my childhood in Meerut and Saharanpur (Utter Pradesh ), were was born a brought-up . My father, every bit the virtuous priest of the family, had enormous influence over me. I absolutely adored him and as small boy, always was with him. My mom loved me to a fault. There was no wish of mine that they would not rush to fulfill. But even in my early, formative years I was unable to relate to the religion they fervently practiced. They taught me many Sholaks from the Vedas and other Hindu literature , and to this day, I remember most by heart. However, I never understood any of it and none of it helped me connect with God.

I, Sumit, was young, directionless, disoriented, and completely lost. I was addicted to every vice; liquid, spirit or vapors that the world offered. I never refused an invitation to a party, wedding, Puja or Jagrata be it at a club, a pub, a party hall, hotel or any place.

my mother suffered with TB . her struggle with the sickness was painful . My Father did all what he could do to save my mother's life. but was not possible.Due to the chronic sickness of TB my mother past away.its was too hurting to my soul .After my mothers death i use to be too depressed. One day while I was feeling as if I have no reason to live. I had an attempt of committing suicide by eating poison. I don't know how but I was saved from the attempt .Still I had no peace in mind .

As I was going through this situation my maternal uncle called me to his home (they were the believers of Christ) and I went and sheared everything to them I was going through.for the peace in my life All they did was utter a deep human plea to the creator God and His only son Jesus Christ on my behalf. When they said Amen, I felt in my heart a desire to follow Jesus. It was a simple affair—no miracles, no angels visiting, no inner turmoil or struggle. It was just a plain powerful feeling I cannot describe - a faith encounter with God that I shall not even attempt to understand, rationalize or explain. I simply accept it. It is my faith. It is what I choose to believe. That evening I did not change my religion, for in reality I had none. Hinduism was my identity, not my religion.

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