Summary: Mother’s day, What mothers say and know

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Today I want to talk about a subject that I have to say is a complete mystery to me. Women….

Perhaps some of the other men here would agree that women even if we have known them for 10, 20, 40, 60 years or more, we (men) still only fool ourselves if we think we have a clue.

As this subject is too big to handle on a single day or year, I want to scale it back a little and limit my discussion to the women we knew from the beginning of life.

The one person that none of us would be here without, I am of course talking about mothers. Perhaps, mothers are the biggest mystery of all women. My personal experience is that mothers have special powers and that makes them the biggest mystery of all.

How did my mother know I was standing at the refrigerator, holding the door open …just looking in. How did she know I was guilty of something…. Perhaps not knowing exactly what I did… just knowing I did something.

I want to try an experiment to see if I can prove that these powers exist.

So I am going to start a phrase and see if the women in our church family can finish the statement.

Whenever you were going somewhere, she would always remind you to . . .

"Make Sure You Have Clean . . . underwear."

Why? (In case you get in an accident.)

As a kid sitting on the living room floor, how many times did you hear these words,

"Don’t Sit Too Close to the . . . television."

Why? (It’s bad for you eyes.)

At the supper table you heard this. . .

"Clean Your . . . plate."

Why? "There are starving children in India, Africa (or any foreign country) who would love to eat that."

If I asked, "Mom, can I go to Johnny’s house?" She’d say . . .

"Ask . . . you father."

That is amazing isn’t it! This power is shared without families knowing each other. All across the country and perhaps with some slight variation world wide.

I learned this when I was fairly young and I stayed overnight at different friends homes. I heard the phrases and ideas expressed from the mother of the house, just like at my house. And as far as I knew the parents had never met.

That tells me that this power is something that most if not all women have. That hints to me that it is a part of the basic design of women.

This leads me to bigger idea. I believe that God designed men and women differently …not just n the obvious ways. Also in the design of how we act and the things we do. Men are normally tougher and go out to hunt and kill and provide. And women are more nurturing, care giving and fix the hurts of life.

I am not saying that these abilities are exclusive. What I am trying to say is that God‘s design normally requires a man and a woman to have a complete unit.

God is normally referred to as a He, but God contains all the best attributes that men and women seem to demonstrate. These attributes are joined into one unit here on earth in marriage.

The Bible uses many metaphors, names, and titles to reveal His many-sided nature. For example...

He is our King and we are his subjects

He is our Shepherd and we are His sheep

He is our Counselor and we are His clients

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Gary Pettyjohn

commented on May 5, 2009

Some great illustrations that I have not heard before.

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