Summary: For the first 60 years of the 20th century, Rome seemed to be at business as usual for her. Seniors today were raised with a Romanism that was a far cry from the compromising brand of today. Thus the Protestant's ease in separating from her.

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Some Christians would say that one of the most exciting events in all modern history is the episode involving God's promises to the nation Israel. In 1948, the Gentile domination of the Promised Land begins its end as Israel raises the Star of David over the land that shall one day see the Seed of David enthroned.

I personally believe that a greater return of the Jews is envisioned by the prophets, one that involves their full conversion to their Messiah, but none can deny the miraculous nature of what has transpired over the past decades.

None of this is attributable to the Vatican. Theodore Herzl, father of the modern Zionist movement in the late 19th century, is granted a 30-minute interview with the reigning Pope, and asks him for both money and spiritual support. He is flatly turned down.

To the Roman way of thinking, Jewish occupation of Jewish territory is anathema. You will remember the Crusades, the attempt of Rome to free the Holy Land, not for its original residents, but for itself. You will recall also that here God intervened and simply said to Rome, "No! This is Mine." The land was to be preserved for that special moment when God would call to Israelis all over the world to people their ancient possession.

The Romanists see only the political ramifications of all of this and begin to hurt for Muslims, who already control all the Middle East. Of course, Rome is in pain for its own unmet needs, too. Thus the Vatican uses diplomatic pressure in the late 40's to turn the U.N. Assembly against Zionism, in favor of "internationalizing" Jerusalem. Further, it works closely with Muslims to meet their ends. (Blanshard, op. cit., p. 265) It is not until January of 1994 that Israel and Vatican City form ties.

Anti-Semitic is one thing. Anti- Israel is the same thing, magnified. Only recently has the Vatican finally corrected, at least outwardly, hundreds of years of abuse to the Jew.


Anti-Jew and anti-Protestant threads run side by side, of course. In 1949, P. Vittorio Genovesi of Pompeii, Italy, publishes Protestanti No!, a document which plays the anti-Protestant blues eloquently. I bring it in as an additional evidence of twentieth-century Romanism's connection with sixteenth-century Romanism. Just in case you have any doubt about the connection.

Genovesi, approved by Rome, says Protestants are

"disgraceful apostates of the sanctuary, in whom there is not a shadow of good faith. The heads of Protestantism were true and real criminals worthy of jail. Their principles are immoral and bring about anarchy."

Spoken not too very long ago. Is Babylon going to change? It's getting uncomfortably close to the present, when most Protestants dare not say a word about Romanism. Let's watch carefully now, lest we miss whatever it is that has so radically silenced a people known for their eloquence and -some would add - their verbosity: the Protestant preachers.

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